Ozzie's Weekend Poll #118

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  • Soledad

    Wow. What memories this question brings Ozzie!

    I personally would go home. There was nothing that bothered me more than waiting while some overzealous arrogant elder want-to-be getting into a heated debate with an Evangelical or Pentecostal or Roman Catholic fanatic. Imagine: two religious nut cases going at it!! There were plenty of those types in our territory, and this one brother--it must have turned him on or something--would go at it with them. He didn't care how long it would take, his goal was to completely overtake the discussion and "prove" them wrong.

    One time in the middle of winter we entered into a home where the people were Pentecostals. Again, he went into one of those modes. However, he had the car keys on him, and his wife, sister-in-law and 2 kids were stuck waiting for him outside while he tried to convert these people--about 90 minutes in total. It was so cold that day! She really let him have it when we came back outside. In fact at one point while he was driving back home she jumped out of the car, smashed in a headlight and continued to just walk home.

    As you can tell, this particular couple wasn't wound too tight . Poor kids.

  • BrendaCloutier
    1. Patiently IMPATIENTLY waited on the street corner in the car for an hour or two (I was counting "the time"!)

    I was a teenager the last time I went in field service.... we'd go back to the car and wait. If I was alone, I'd count my freckles (1100+) or play with my hair, or rearrange my bookbag. If I was with another teen, we'd gossip. If I was with an adult, well, that was the most boring.

    Basically we handled it the way Blondie said. But when the territory was completed we'd have to wait it out.

    If I was "stuck" in the car, I counted the time... afterall, it wasn't MY FAULT I had nothing else to do.

    The car my parents bribed me with was a 65 ford farelane with 4 doors. The drivers door window had a broken keeper, and all you had to do to get inside was wrap on the side of the door like Fonzie, and the window would slide down, and you were in. The window would reset itself when you rolled down the crank. It worked great because I was always leaving my keys in the car.... until my dad fixed it.

    I do not miss field service at all.


  • Undecided

    We didn't have too much city terriroty so most of our witnessing was in the country. I loved it when someone stayed a long time at a house, I would take a nap or just listen to the radio or talk or whatever I wanted to do. I didn't have to be witnessing myself and could still count my time. I'm sure glad those days are over and done with.

    Ken P.

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