Ozzie's Weekend Poll #118

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    So the countdown continures to The election and it'll soon be over. "Thank goodness" some might say, eh??

    Anyway, on a more personal level, how's the week been for you? Hopefully not too traumatic. If you're only recently exiting the Borg you have our sympathy - it does get better. Honest!

    Let's reminisce a while with a poll. So get yourself a refreshing cup of tea or coffee, or better still a glass of red and reminisce with us over this one.

    This weekend's question is..............................

    What did you (would you) do when you were left waiting on the territory while others carried on talking at a door?

    1. Patiently waited on the street corner for an hour or two (I was counting "the time"!)

    2. Patiently waited for up to an hour.

    3 Patiently Impatiently waited ½ an hour.

    4. Went looking for the group leader to find out where to go next.

    5. Started street witnessing while I was waiting.

    6. Called on all the homes again asking if they'd seen them.

    7. Figured I'd make use of the time and pre-studied for the next meeting.

    8. Went home!

    So, what did you do? Come on, reminiscing means you have to be truthful!!!

    So, let us know.


    Cheers, Ozzie

    Freedom means not having to wear a tie.

  • Princess

    Hi Ozzie! I'm thinking about having a slice of chocolate cake instead of the coffee, tea or wine. The week was difficult but finishing up nicely. Next week looks pretty good!

    I used to finish up the houses, give the two at the door a good "you are making us late for coffee break" glare, then go sit in the car and chat until they got back.

    Street witnessing? No thanks!

  • Stefanie

    Oh boy!

    This poll caught my eye.

    I was usually talking at the door... When i wasnt i was rewriting my return visit booklet

  • Mulan
    I used to finish up the houses, give the two at the door a good "you are making us late for coffee break" glare, then go sit in the car and chat until they got back.

    me too

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    If it was fresh territory then I was stuck (being an MS I had to be an example) doing more numbers around the block till the others were done. If it was just not at homes, then I could just go back to the car for a bit before having to go out and try street witnessing...

  • bebu

    Can't answer this one from personal experience BUT...

    I can tell you that last Tuesday, I was surprised to learn that there was a 3rd witness waiting almost 2 hours in the car while the 2 JW ladies and I talked indoors for our appointment. I thought everyone went out in pairs, so why is there a 3rd person about?

    ... I was informed that she was happily reading her Bible... (But my guess = )


  • blondie


    I always brought a mystery novel with me.

    I learned not to go in that car group again.


  • Scully

    Normally, two pairs would work from the street corner and work House About? while another two pairs would do the same in the opposite direction. If someone got stuck at a door, we switched to Working Solid? so that no houses would get missed, and also so that the person who needed to catch up wouldn't have as far to walk and would take the house immediately after the one they saw us at. Then we'd resume working House About? until we met up with the others.

    If they got stuck at the door for an inordinately long time, we'd just carry on until we met up with the others, then wait for them in the car not too far from the house they were at.

    Love, Scully

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hi Ozzie, I hope you had a great weekend.

    This was one thing that irked me to no end. I was impatient and went looking after 1/2 hour. I don't know if anyone else did this or not, but in my Cong. we had "reminders" that if you got into a lengthy conversation, you still needed to be mindful of the others in the group, and leave off with, "why don't I answer that on my next (intrusion) visit". I would even remind people I knew that did that regularly before we got to the territory, I still had to go get them...LOL. I felt like going home many times, but never did. The people I was usually with liked sports, so we talked sports, until the 1/2 hour was up that is..LOL.


  • gumby
    2. Patiently waited for up to an hour.

    I didn't care too much as I counted my time....I figured I was out in service all the same. If I was waiting by myself, I went to the car and read my bible, if not alone I blabbed to another dub in the car while we waited. I had bo problem with blabbing.


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