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  • Dan-O

    Winking at me again, Hill? You sexy beast ...

    At least I'm spending the money enjoying a weekend with those about whom I care most.

  • harleyquinn

    there is a harley quinn marionette that i've been eyeing....that would take $850. and the rest would go to frank miller comics....OR there is a faboo harley quinn/joker original signed alex ross print that i like that goes for $1000 even.....but i'd have to put in for tax and shipping...hmm...decisions, decisions....

    hq~who wonders why she has no money until she looks around at her comic collection

  • under74

    I'd order some free range beef...haven't eaten beef since last December...the mad cow scared me bad and then I saw this Frontline and--no beef for months. I think I'd also order some buffalo meat. I've never had it before but in my head I imagine it tastes like pot roast...real tender and juicey. NOBODY TELL ME IF THIS ISN"T TRUE. Let me have my damn dreams.

  • candidlynuts

    1000 bux? hmmm

    well i COULD buy a cheap car so i can go visit my kids and parents..

    i COULD get some store bought teeth(a rednecks wet dream)....but thats not fun..

    a treadmill to walk some of this fat off? naw thats too much like work..

    for fluff....i'd fly to las vegas, play it all in nickle slot machines and throw donuts at showgirls.

  • Princess

    I could go to Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn for some groovy accessories for my house...or Christmas pressies so I don't have that added stress in six weeks.

    Steve needs a new bicycle for next season....$1000 would make a dent in the total so I'd probably go that route.

    Yep, I'd use it toward a new bike for my man.

  • BrendaCloutier

    RT to Mazatlan for 2 $889.71 Already scheduled for Jan 24- Jan 31 2005.

    I'd reimburse Kevan, since I have no income due to chronic illness and he pays all my meds, living expense, and vacations.

    Hotel room = already paid for timeshare

    This leaves $110.29 for a fabulous shrimp dinner for 2, and taxi to and from the restaurant.

    Warm sun, sand, ocean, end of January? Priceless.



  • Mulan

    Yep, I agree with Princess. I could finally buy what I want to buy my girls, for Christmas (daughter and 3 daughters in law) That would take care of $1000.

    There's always ebay, but it would still be a hefty chunk of change.

  • marcosgarcia
  • marcosgarcia

    Opps ! Sorry about the blank post! I am still new at this.

    A weekend at the beach with my kids! Nice hotel, pool, good food and they could swim with the dolphins!

  • pr_capone

    4 tickets for my closest friends and I to go a Chiefs game at Arrowhead with GOOD seats = $478

    Dinner and drinks for the 4 of us as well and any purdy ladies that care to join us = $322

    Go to the casino and find a game of Texas Hold'em and put the last $200 down to play.

    After cleaning up at the poker table I am back up to the $1000.00 and we do it all again the following week.

    Kansas District Overbeer

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