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  • hillbilly

    heres the deal.. you have $1000.00 (US) to spend this weekend... no strings, no worries... it's all yours. Only condition is it cant go for bills ( OK, if Aunt Stella needs a liver, you can chip in to help)

    What ya gonna do?

    ---------Hill (waiting on Lotto class)

  • Iforget

    $500 on the passline and $400 behind it.

  • kls

    The hell with Aunt Stellas liver . I would put it into rebuilding my 68 Dodge Charger. Is that considered a bill?

  • Stefanie

    I would go to get me some gal toys and booze.

  • hillbilly

    a $20 dollar investment in my booze would get you a "gal toy"----------

    That leaves you $980...decisions , decisions Stephie!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sushi and a really good bottle (or two) of wine.

  • Stefanie
    That leaves you $980...decisions , decisions Stephie!

    I will use the rest of the money on chocolate. There will be enough for all of us.

  • Dan-O

    hmmmmm ... I spotted a web site earlier today ... selling frog legs & gator fillets & crawdads by the bucket, all packed in dry ice for Fed Ex shipping. I reckon that could kill $100.

    A new driver goes for about $350. I expect to play another round or two of golf this year. So now we're up to $450. Toss in another $50 for a round of golf with cart for me & Mrs. O at one of the local courses tomorrow morning.

    Dinner out tomorrow night ... a thick, rare steak for me, lobster for Mrs. O, plus a bottle of good wine ... will kill another $150, easily. Now we're up to $650.

    Maybe a run thru one of the local adult toy retailers after dinner. Something fun for the Mrs. to wear, something fun to play with once we tumble into bed. There goes $150 or $200 more. Call it $200.Now we've spent $850.

    Tomorrow, fill up the gas tank on my truck, and have the oil changed. There goes $60. Add $10 for a car wash. Now I have $80 left to spend ...

    Another round of golf with cart for the two of us on Sunday. We haven't played much this year. OK. Now I'm down to $30 ....

    A case of beer. There's $16 for 24 longnecks. gotta cross the state line to get it on Sunday, though.

    And a run through the Wendy's drive-up window ... that'll kill the balance. But at least my son will get a cheeseburger (which he will actually eat) & the rest of us can find something to carry us through.

  • hillbilly

    Dan------------sounds like you have thought about this (often)......


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    But really, Dan-O, can you be more specific.....

    *** Dan-0 of the "never at loss for a list" class ****

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