Study puts civilian toll in Iraq at over 100,000

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  • Simon


    Remember the neo-con jokes such as "shock and awe" and "precision bombing"?

    How about the rediculous notion that you only need a couple of hundred thousand troops to control an invaded country? That's like the crowds from a few soccer matches taking over the entire UK with the population against them.

    Rediculous. It seems the only thing Bush and his cohorts are capable of planning is how to get us into a mess.

    At what stage do the number of deaths make it a "bad idea" or mean that Bush is rated as an evil dictator like Saddam?

  • undercover
    It seems the only thing Bush and his cohorts are capable of planning is how to get us into a mess.

    One cohort being Tony Blair? I remember Blair being step in step with Bush when the war-mongering talk was happening.

  • Realist


    i read this yesterday. i hope the estimate is too high (however the Lancet is one of the best medical journals out there). but in any case Bush, Blair and the rest of this criminal band should be imprisoned for war crimes.

  • willy_think

    War crimes are only for the lusers the US is untuchible.

    was it worth all this to give 100,000 people freedom of the dead?

  • Celia
    It seems the only thing Bush and his cohorts are capable of planning is how to get us into a mess.

    Absolutely.... Gosh, I hope this number isn't right... The last I heard, it was around 20,000.... Have you ever heard Bush talking about his "Faith", how he acts with his Faith in mind.... How is killing and maiming tens of thousands of innocent people, many children among them, the Christian thing to do ???

    God I hope he won't be in the White House another 4 years....

  • Narkissos

    The sad truth is Iraqi lives are rated very cheap in international exchange.

  • Simon

    Someone on the radio made a good point:

    Bush makes decisions based on his faith. The problem is he should be making decisions based on the facts.

  • patio34

    Powell: "We don't do body counts."

    Well, others do for the US/UK illegal invasion, thank God!

    Willythink, good point about bringing freedom to the 100,000 dead Iraqis. I bet their families are so grateful.

    Where I work there's a 20-something college student working part-time. I was talking to her a couple of months ago, and she didn't honestly know that any Iraqis had died because it wasn't shown on American news. God, I hope she doesn't vote! I told her to watch Farenheit 911 but she said no because it was rated "R." Pathetic.


  • roybatty

    If a report is going to twist the facts, at least do a good job at it. The article and how they came to their number kind of reminded me of the 1914 calculation.

  • teejay

    I doubt that Bush or Rummy or Cheney or Wolfowitz or Rice spend a lot of time thinking about "a handful" of dead Iraqis. Why would they?

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