The green bibles???????????

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  • Insomniac

    Stephanus, I think the incident to which you refer was in Ray Franz's book Crisis of Conscience. I'm about 85% sure that's where I read it. If not, it was in Hassan's Blood on the Altar; still I'm pretty sure it was in C.O.C.

  • Stephanus
    If not, it was in Hassan's Blood on the Altar; still I'm pretty sure it was in C.O.C.

    Blood on the Altar is by David Reed. I've read both books. I have a feeling that that anecdote was in a Reed book - will have to check...

  • Dan-O
    I thought it was a bit strange at the time but dismissed it, could it be the black ones are different from the green ones or am I now being overly suspious..

    By "black ones" I assume you're not referring to the 1970 edition that has the dinosaur on the inside cover? I still have one of those, along with a green one.

    Ohio, I like the way you think. But if I was to put on my cynical hat, I'd say that the deal is probably more like the reason Freon was banned. I thought it was an amazing co-incidence that all of the "evidence" about how bad Freon was for the environment came out at about the same time that DuPont's patent was expiring. And now we have a brand new refrigerant and a whole set of new appliances to use it. Is it likewise possible that the gooberning booty pushed the updated NWT's on the rank & file to keep the printing presses rolling?

  • seawolf

    Dan-O, Interesting question. I still have several green ones. I never knew there was anything different between them other than the colors of their covers. In terms of Freon, the ozone hole is good for me since I'm always too white and needing a bit of a tan. :)

  • blondie

    I still have a green one in my library for historical purposes. They did change words from time to time.

    I think they just got a great deal on green cover material; ever been in an assembly hall with the ugliest carpet in the world...yes, they got a deal.

    I think the WTS just wants to keep the merchandise moving.


  • Dan-O

    Blondie, did the clock move backwards? I thought you were 60 a couple of months ago?

  • blondie

    (I adjusted my age to be a little more realistic. Hey, I was on TV last night on VH1 Divas and I looked pretty good.)

  • Athanasius

    Anybody remember when the first pocket sized NWT was released in the 1960s? The first editions had a red cover, and the story was that the Society got a good deal on the material. I think that was the reason why the 1969 edition of the Kingdom Interlinear was bound in purple. Thats the book Bill Cetnar called the Purple People Eater. However, the 1985 Kingdom Interlinear has a dark blue cover. I don't know what color binding the newer editions have. But surely the Watch Tower purchasing agents got a good deal on the material.

  • bebu
    I think the WTS just wants to keep the merchandise moving.

    Of course... they are a publishing company, after all!


  • DaCheech

    On top of all that another thing about the black bibles is that:

    there is the original and the new with references in the middle of page (they magically send you to scriptures that complete the correct thought)

    then there is the deluxe bible

    then there is the large print bible

    then there is the very very large print bible (2 books)


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