Minister pleads guilty in abuse case

by Xandria 11 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • under74

    "There should be some monitoring when someone is in that position. I don't feel that there is much of it, if any." I agree, it's harder to do this though when it's amongst a family. PS- I'm sorry I went off on a tangent earlier in this thread Xandria...felt like I needed to defend myself.

  • Xandria

    Under74 and Geoff: Apologies accepted. I understand both feelings, but there is a much better way to handle this than attacking. Never feel the need to excuse your feelings you have the right to them. But please keep in mind that just as you feel and so do others. I just did not appreciate this blind side attack~ off topic. I can see that it put Under on defensive and rightly so. But, if Geoff wishes to continue, on another thread then he may do so, just understand for every action there is a consequence. IT is your choice for it to be positive or negative.


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