Minister pleads guilty in abuse case

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    Minister pleads guilty in abuse case

    Details of case revealed on 'Oprah'


    Staff Writers

    YADKINVILLE - A former Lincoln County minister hospitalized last week after watching his daughters tell Oprah Winfrey that he had abused them as children pleaded guilty Thursday to six counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

    Ted Eugene Hendrix, 66, was sentenced in Yadkin County Superior Court to 36 years in prison, but could have the sentence reduced to 18 years, court officials said. He was immediately taken to the Yadkin County Jail for processing and was to be transferred to the state prison system in Raleigh later in the day.

    Hendrix could have faced life in prison if convicted of the original charges of second-degree rape, incest, second-degree sexual offense and crime against nature. He was arrested in March after one of his daughters went to Yadkin police.

    The three women told Oprah their father abused them almost daily for about a decade. Two of them said it started when they were 7 or 8; the other said she was about 12.

    The daughters said after the hearing that they were satisfied with the sentence and could now start healing.

  • under74

    Xandria do you know what religion this minister belongs to? Just curious.

  • avishai

    I hope he dies in prison

  • under74

    well, if he's got any of physical attributes typical of a JW elder, it's a good possibility Avishai.

  • gdt

    Come on, under74, and try to be decent.....and truthful. You must have hatred in your heart to be so awful about 'typical jw elders,' I wish you would name names including your own and substantiate such a horrible sweep of up to 300,000 at least elders all answerable.

    Waiting for your public testimony to come out.


  • under74

    GDT- I am being truthful-I've never met an elder including my own grandfather that would last a minute in prison. The typical elder for me is a man who's never had any kind of power in the real world and gets almost a sadistic kick out of the power he can have in the KH as well as with his family. Now, now--I'm sure there are some nice ones out there but I've never met any. And even if they're "nice" they're still going along with WT policy e.g. helping to cover up child abuse and anything else the WT thinks should be handled without the government authorities and so that makes even the "nice" ones guilty. Let's get back to physical attributes--for the most part over the age of 50, either scrawny or overweight, polyster pants, they grease their hair back with a part at the side....Now this you could call "a horrible sweep" but it's all true of the elders I've known and if I throw the rest in with a generalization about their physical attributes--what the hell do you care? I really don't think that anything I said in my last post was indecent, this one on the other hand might be-but you asked for it. In response to your comment "You must have hatred in your heart to be so awful about 'typical jw elders"...I do GDT, I really do. I'm able to suffocate it most days but when I got some apologist calling me out over some minor comment it all comes gushing out. By the way, if you want a list of elders that fit the description here I'll PM one to you. You also asked me for my name, although you don't use your own--what the hell would you use it for? I don't think you're in authority here to call people out and ask for their names everytime you read someone stating something you don't agree with. You need to learn when to pick fights.

  • Xandria
    Posted on Fri, Oct. 29, 2004
    I M A G E S A N D R E L A T E D C O N T E N T
    Ted Hendrix
    R E L A T E D L I N K S
    ? 10/23: Ex-pastor collapses after accusations

    Ex-minister admits abusing daughters


    Staff Writer

    YADKINVILLE - A former Lincoln County minister whose three adult daughters said on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" last week that he abused them as children pleaded guilty Thursday to related charges and was sentenced to 36 years in prison.

    His daughters howled and cried in the courtroom after their father was sentenced on six counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

    Although they argued for him to get the maximum 60-year sentence, they said afterward they were happy with the punishment and could finally start to heal.

    Ted Eugene Hendrix, 66, declined to comment as he was taken into custody after sentencing, rolling a green oxygen tank behind him. He was later taken to Raleigh for processing into the state prison system.

    In March, Hendrix was charged with second-degree rape, incest, second-degree sexual offense and crime against nature. Prosecutors said the charges were based on events that one of the daughters said took place in 1982.

    Hendrix's trial was scheduled to begin Monday in Yadkin County Superior Court, but was postponed because he was hospitalized after seeing his daughters on the national talk show.

    Hendrix's attorney, Clark Fischer, said Hendrix admitted fondling his daughters but contends he never raped them. He would have fought the rape charge, Fischer said, but did not want to subject his daughters to a trial.

    The lesser charges that Hendrix pleaded guilty to carry a maximum sentence of 60 years. A rape conviction could have meant a life sentence.

    But Hendrix might not even serve the 36 years he received. Because the offenses occurred more than 20 years ago, his sentence could be reduced to 18 years with an opportunity for parole.

    "But he's certainly not looking at getting out anytime soon," Fischer said.

    Hendrix resigned his job as minister of Webbs Chapel Methodist Church in Denver. N.C., after his daughters confronted him in August 2003, accusing him of raping and fondling them as children.

    A spokeswoman for `The Oprah Winfrey Show" said producers learned of the case while doing research and invited the women on the show. The spokeswoman said producers called Hendrix before the show aired but didn't hear back from him.

    A crew from the Oprah show attended the hearing Thursday in Yadkinville, but would not comment.

    Hendrix's three daughters testified in court Thursday, answering questions from the prosecutor and defense attorney to help Judge William Wood decide on a sentence.

    Four men including two retired United Methodist preachers testified on Hendrix's behalf.

    "My father lay my soul in strips," Amy Harrison, 39, said. "He took my 8-year-old body. ... I ask that you speak for the child I was and the woman I am."

    Hendrix's two older daughters -- Cathy Hawks and Pam Harris -- each said on the stand that they remembered being touched inappropriately on a daily basis, but only had "a feeling" they were raped. They also asked for the maximum sentence.

    "I believe he needs to face his earthly punishment before he faces his Judgment Day," Hawks said.

    Harris was last to speak.

    "Our father took our childhood, our innocence, our trust," she said. "He used the precious name of God in the most awful way."

    Earl Cook, a retired minister from Morganton who has known Hendrix for 40 years, spoke in defense of his friend.

    "You can't neglect the good that this man has done over the years," he said. "He's a broken man. He's a dying man because of these allegations."

    Neither Hendrix nor his wife took the stand.

    The judge said Hendrix committed "a horrible crime."

    "The effect of what you have done is still present today," Wood said. Then he sentenced Hendrix to six years in prison for each count, to be served consecutively.

    The Rev. George Thompson, superintendent of the United Methodist district in which Hendrix served, said Thursday from Charlotte that to his knowledge, Hendrix had never been accused of any wrongdoing by anyone in his congregations.

    "I am saddened by the alienation and pain within the Hendrix family, the shock experienced by Ted Hendrix's former parishioners and the lingering wounds that will be likely carried into the future by these three daughters," Thompson said. -- STAFF WRITER KEN GARFIELD CONTRIBUTED TO THIS ARTICLE.

  • under74

    Thanks for adding the article and picture Xandria.

  • Xandria
    Come on, under74, and try to be decent.....and truthful. You must have hatred in your heart to be so awful about 'typical jw elders,' I wish you would name names including your own and substantiate such a horrible sweep of up to 300,000 at least elders all answerable. Waiting for your public testimony to come out. gdt.

    First of all, gdt (or what ever your name) I do not appreciate you coming to the thread attacking someone as being untruthful or not being decent. When Under74 is expressing the feelings she/he has had from an apparent experience. I know that she doesn't have to justify her feelings to you. If you have some thing to add to this subject please do. Other wise your attack is off topic. The topic (to remind you) is of the case above. It has to do with spiritual abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and use of a position to abuse.

    Now tell me where does your post address any of these subjects ? It is addressing Under74 on another subject. If it is about a case or issue please start your own thread to address it.

    But be warned attacking someone like this isn't well tolerated.

    Under74 you are welcome, I know that this type of abuse does happen and unfortunately it is an abuse of an position held. There should be some monitoring when someone is in that position. I don't feel
    that there is much of it, if any.


  • gdt

    Xandria, hello. It's Geoff here, and I ask you to please accept apologies, you are quite right, your thread should not have been interfered with. Again sorry to you. gdt

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