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  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Excuses "Plan for the future". There is no future according to them and if they have a mountain of cash that could really go a long way to helping people. What good is it if the world ends tomorrow. If it's going to end soon let's see them put thier self rightious money where thier propoganda is. They have no right or business critisizing the state of the world if they are hoarding cash (according to them) unecessarily. Actually they do have business....big business.

    Kwint those Canadian finacials are peanuts compared to the U.S. especially since almost all of the Canadian cash was funelled outside of Canada on the last finacials I saw. Presumably the money is being sent to WTBS U.S.

    If you look around you will find the U.S. ones on freeminds or the url links from there.

  • Roddy

    I wouldn't be surprised if the WTS keeps off-shore financials, even a Swiss bank account, in order to hide nest eggs for itself, for officers, or both. With Franz out of the picture and with lawyers controlling the WTS more and more each year, with obvious prophesies coming past due, the pedophile and other issues pressing on them, and the decline of membership and decrease of activity of the current membership, I think the WTS is preparing for lean times or, if it doesn't seriously re-invent itself, the long haul into mainstream.

  • Mecurious?


    As opposed to what else?

    Actually they do have business....big business

    I realized about 6 years ago that they were just like any other church. They are in business to make money period.

    Billons. Ha. that wouldn't surprise me one bit.


  • iiz2cool

    Think of the number of professional counsellors that could be hired to help the victims of child abuse with that amount of wealth. But a professional counsellor costs a bit more than the few bucks a month they pay to their missionaries who go forth to spread lies.

    Cheap bastards!


  • Nosferatu

    What I really dread to think about is how many leave all their posessions and assets to the WTS in their will.

  • Gerard
    Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that this isn't true but what hard evidence do you have that the WBTS is hoarding cash?

    Look at: http://www.newsday.com/business/printedition/ny-cvtop52369349sep17.story

    Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York

    25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, 11201



    Revenue: $951 million (That's almost 1 billion per year! In USA alone!!)

    Industry: Publishing

    President: Milton Henshel

    Employees: 3,415

    It takes a lot of printing to supply more than 6 million Jehovah's Witnesses with the materials for their ministry. One publication, Watchtower, now has an average print run of 23 million copies twice per month, an increase of 7.5 percent over last year.

    "Our report for the year is different from a Wall Street company," said vice president George Couch. Indeed, the company's employees are volunteers who live and work in the Brooklyn complex.
  • Wallflower

    If you consider that during the Judge Rutherfords rule in the 20's, when they were expecting the return of the patriarchs, the organisation built Beth-Sarim, fitted it out with such opulence, with 2 top of the range Cadillacs in the garage and all that with much smaller and less dedicated following.

    Just think how much more money they have hoarded with 6 million dedicated dubs and a world wide publishing network, which has been going strong for the last 80 years.

    There are sure as hell not going to tell anyone how much they have or where it is. Think of a number and add 13 zeros.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    (That's almost 1 billion per year! In USA alone!!)I just want to clarify this point for you Gerard and for others. Much of that reported Revenue for the N.Y. WT is cash that has been transferred from WT worldwide. Of the two countries outside of the U.S. that I have seen finacials for, it appears they are transferring the bulk of annual revenue to presumably WT in the U.S. In other words, I suspect that this 951 million U.S. denominated dollars is probably an aggregate of worldwide revenues.

    They are producing approximately 23 million magazines twice monthly. If I were to assign an amount to estimate the cost of their mags at ten cents per copy (probably an extremely generous amount considering the volunteer labour), that's an expenditure of 2.3 million twice per month or 59.8 million annually. Add to that books, CDs etc of another 40.2 million. Now let's give the 3000 WT employees a $3000.00 (U.S.) per month income (which actually far exceeds what they are actually provided) and you add another 108 million. Now that's 208 million dollars in total. That leaves almost 750 million dollars left over for that year alone !!!!

    My point is simple. They critisize the state of the world but apparently hoard massive cash but why? The world is supposed going to end any day now. It doesn't make any sense unless they know that the story of Armageddon soon approaching is a lie. If I were to guess, I would suggest that they hold at least 5 billion in cash or cash equivalents. That could be enough to fund WT for the next 30 years without taking in another single donation from anyone. Why not tell all the JWs worldwide "No more donations please, use the funds to take extra good care of your family and make yourselves comfortable as we wait for Armageddon." ???

  • heathen

    Good point Happy Guy : ) . As jesus said once " easier to pass a camel through the eye of a sewing needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of the heavens." The apostle Paul , " the love of money is the root to all sorts of injurious things." These people won't even cover the expenses of the traveling overseers but istead demand that the congregation pay for everything including the mortgage on the kingdom halls or assembly halls . The last thing the early christians were concerned with was buiding comfortable structures to worship in , but in fact did so outside . I can see they are hoping to draw in new members by providing all the bells and whistles instead of showing humility and self sacrifice and all that stuff they use to give members a guilt complex so they go out and raise more money or give more of their own . It really is disgusting . They won't even provide housing for members such as buying property and building low income homes , the only place they do that is in brooklyn or on the WTBTS farm , which BTW does not produce food for anyone to eat . The whole religion just makes my stomach turn .

  • willy_think
    If the world is going to end any day that cash is useless. Why not help the disadvantaged with it instead?

    The world is not going to end. It is all about the cash and the power.

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