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  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    They must have billions...annual revenue alone was almost a billion last year. They must have close to 10 billion in assets and a large chunk of that is cash. If the world is going to end any day that cash is useless. Why not help the disadvantaged with it instead?

    They always bitch and whine about the state of the world but they hold so much cash and have been hoarding it for years. Yes I know other religions are cash rich too but according to the WT the world is going to end any second. What good is all that cash? As a present to Jesus after Armageddon?

    Maybe it is Jehovah's plan that all the abused ex JWs get that cash through the legal system and free up the WT's heavy cash burden so when they go into the new order it won't be like "a camel passing through the eye of a needle".

  • under74

    "Maybe it is Jehovah's plan that all the abused ex JWs get that cash through the legal system..." Yeah, I'm not sure about the freeing up the heavy cash burden thing but I think they're pretty smart and know that they're gonna need plenty of cash on hand to settle all the lawsuits. It's either that or they're planning on using currency in the new system rather than the barter system...OR Moses will want it when he comes back...we all know what a gready money grubbing bastard he was.

  • hillbilly

    Ok....stay with me, this gets complicated......... they are STUPID and GREEDY. The greed builds the cash reserves and makes them tight- fisted like a crazy aunt... The STUPID part? We always hear how the GB, etc are cuttin a fat calve all the time with perks, etc... fact is, those dumb bastards don't take HALF of the stuff they could get away with.

    I am waiting for the WT trained legal staff to rip off all the cash and head south any year now.... biten in the ass by their own Law school spawn... serves em right. The Multiple corporation scheme they went to a few years ago is the first step the a bank vault springing a big leak.


  • mkr32208

    Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that this isn't true but what hard evidence do you have that the WBTS is hoarding cash? So donations bring in a bunch of money printing all those books TAKES a bunch of money... like I said I'm not saying that your wrong but what evidence do you have (read HARD evidence not "I heard from my sisters cousins neice...")

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I was reviewing some of thier financial statements.

  • kwintestal

    The WTS reported to Revenue Canada that they had 26 million in long term investments, and their property in Georgetown was worth 40 million.

    So if the end is comming so soon, why "long term" investments, and why is their property not mortgaged to the max since they won't have to repay?


    60 million dollars would finance a lot of missionaries at $60 a month.


  • mkr32208

    Do either of you guys have access to copies of said statements could you scan them or post them I'm really interested in seeing them...

  • jgnat

    What hillbilly said. These are third-generation bureacrats. They know how to keep their place and not rock the boat. That is how they managed to survive as third-generation bureacrats in a high-control organization. They won't innovate, they will stockpile for an uncertain future. Read the histories of any third-generation family business and you will see the same pattern of behavior.

  • hillbilly

    Thanks JG... I didnt think I was that lucid in my post... and you make an exellent point. The overall business accumen of the Brooklyn boys has been, at best, poor. If we stretch the imagination and dare think that they are "doing the Lords work" they sure are not using technology,or best practices to further kingdom work. I never saw a lot of 'bang for the buck" -- but then again, ahem...money wasnt the object now, was it?

    It's been noted here before...BUNKER MENTALITY.

    They saw how one slick lawyer took the reins before... history is bound to repeat itself. This time for cash and assets... The NYC assests are worth tons of cash alone. Reports abound of real-estate deals about to happen in Brooklyn.

    --------Hill (cant wait for the IPO class)

  • mkr32208

    mentioned this to my dubba wife she said "the socities view has always been plan for the future but live like the end is coming tommorrow" aparently she just started reading the watchtower last week... dubbs what ya gonna do!

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