Do you believe in the paranormal?

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  • BrendaCloutier
    I don't even believe in the Normal!

    Hey, Terry, didn't anyone tell you that "normal" is only a setting on a washing machine?

    I like the earthquake analagy. I actually accept that explanation as a possible indicator of the paranormal.

    I've been in many indian sweat lodges. I have experienced many things that were mine, alone, to experience. I've also had experiences that were shared.

    One in particular was a mixed (male/female) sweat and only 2 women and about 8 men. When we two women sang a Lakota women's healing song, the lodge was surrounded by womens singing voices, inside and out. There was no one outside, and the men swear they heard at least 5 different women's voices inside. Now a sweat lodge is not an accoustic wonder. It's sticks and blankets and tarps. Rather sound-deadening.

    I've had other multiple person experiences, too. As with an earthquake, someone say's it was rolling, someone sez rocking, and another says falling. Group experiences can differ by personal perception of the event.

    Probably just group psychosis.



  • mkr32208

    Ripley's believe it or NOT!?? That show was only REAL about 60% of the time the rest of the time it was a LIE to see if you would believe it or NOT! This one is a NOT!

    All unexplanied events can be explained the question is are YOU willing to listen to the explination? This is the question that you have to ask. Is there ANYTHING that you could be shown that would convince you that the paranormal does not exist? If you answer no then you are a fanatic and there is no point in having a discussion. Same question for me only take out the not at the end.

    I could be convinced I TRIED to be convinced before I left the witlesses I KNEW how much friction and trouble it was going to cause in my family so I really tried to find ANY evidence of spirit presence or of paranormal goings on ANYWHERE! I figured if I could find ONE THING that couldnt be expained I'd reconsider... couldn't do it no way it's all easy to explain. I have had bizarro things happen to me that dont' make them paranormal....

  • frenchbabyface

    Well ... I believe in some specific energies ... I know (nuf'said)

  • AlanF

    I certainly do not believe in the paranormal. Every reasonable person I know ("reasonable" as shown by general behavior) who has investigated has come up empty-handed. Every story I've thoroughly looked into turns out to have a reasonable explanation, or to be like tenth-hand rumor.

    For example, some years ago I talked to a JW about his conversion to the cult. He claimed he was often attacked in bed by "succubi" -- female demons that tried to have sex with him. I asked him if he did drugs before becoming a JW, and he claimed he didn't. Half a year later we discussed this again, but this time he admitted to having taken LSD a lot just before getting involved with the JWs. Bingo! He was having LSD-induced hallucinations brought on by the standard JW teaching that demons will attack new cult converts.

    I suspect that virtually all such "experiences" with the paranormal are due to people reading far more into unusual situations than is warranted. Much like UFOs and such.


  • mkr32208

    I had similer experinces with people in the truuf they claimed to have experiences with demons and all sorts of crap several of them who are now out have admited to me that they made this stuff up to get attention...

  • JT

    female demons that tried to have sex with himfemale demons that tried to have sex with himfemale demons that tried to have sex with himfemale demons that tried to have sex with him


    now if you think GIRLS GONE WILD IS a big seller, just think how much $$$ you could make if you opened up a "Ho" house with female ghost

  • Terry

    Here is something I do when people start talking "paranormal" to me.

    I stop them and simply ask them to give me a clear definition of the inevitible words they use.

    Take the word "energy" for instance. Not one person in 100 has a clue what the definition of that word is. But, does it stop them from using the word? No. Energy is a rubber word. It can be stretched any way you want it. Even physics teachers will blather away like they know what energy is. Read the definition and you'll quickly see how silly it is:

    The capacity for doing work as measured by the capability of doing work (potential energy) or the conversion of this capability to motion (kinetic energy).

    If you think this is clear I have to wonder about you. Energy ends up being particles in motion and nothing more. Heat is particle motion, for example.

    Psychic "energy" is the movement of what particles? Psychic particles? Give me a break.

    A "potential" is not an actual. Potential energy is not energy until it is no longer potential! So, that nonsense won't get you very far if you are explaining the paranormal.

    "Vibrations" "aura" and words like that are fanciful mental constructs that mean absolutely nothing. What exactly is vibrating? Color is electromagnetic waves of a certain magnitude which register sensation on the back of the eye. Such waves can be detected with equipment. The fact that these auras are never detected is mighty suspicious.

    "Past Lives" is another pain in the butt. I hear women all the time telling each other that they probably "knew him in a past life". Purportedly this "explains" why attractions and repulsions happen between certain men and women. However, it doesn't. It merely postpones the explanation.

    I don't blame anybody for wanting a more interesting life filled with wonder and awe and mystery. But, that is what movies are for and good books. Life is actually pretty much exactly what it is.

    James Randi and his foundation offer the million dollars for a very good reason. Randi would love to discover any unknown powers that may exist outside of known science. But, in his own words, he tells us over and over that most psychic manifestations are witnessed by sincere people who actually believe what they encounter and don't have the understanding to explain. An exciting story goes far in giving an ordinary person a thrilling story to tell for the rest of their lives.

  • Sunnygal41
    The fact that these auras are never detected is mighty suspicious.

    Terrushka, they have been detected and measured.


  • shotgun

    I posted a sign which said "Succubi wanted, Nephilim need not apply" to no avail!

    I'm open to believing but remain a Skeptic for now.

  • Terry
    Sunnygal41 intones:
    The fact that these auras are never detected is mighty suspicious.

    Terrushka, they have been detected and measured.


    Where, when, how, why? Quick! Get James Randi on the hotline! You are soon to be a MILLIONAIRE!!!!!

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