I'm Off To Vote! Let's see how long it takes them to DF me.....

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  • SixofNine

    :Dang it, there was something I wanted to tell you, but now I can't.

    You can't respect my headship anymore?

  • SixofNine
    Ah Sixy, missed hearing your story about that.

    That's because you wouldn't talk to me, Apasta&Legume. I'd suspect you were intimidated by my rugged good looks if I didn't know that you were instead distracted by Pleasuredome's not-so-rugged good looks LOL, it was great to meet you, and I wish we'd had more chance to talk. Next time!

    Now, we need to talk about this voting issue..............

    Mercifully (just ask RT & Scarlet, lol) we managed to stay off that subject. Hey, I liked you guys so much that I'm just glad I don't live in Cali so it won't be up to me to run you thru with pitchforks after the revolution!

    You knew about the announcement and are incidentally going out to vote.

    Actually Pat, it's wasn't totally incidental. It really seemed fitting to go out and early vote the same night I get df'd!

    Damn Six, I didn't know it was a done deal. I'm sorry. If it'll help, you're welcome at my house anytime.

    Besides I know voting for Bush will make you feel better.

    Thanks Tex. My letter held them in check for about a month, which really accomplished what I needed regarding my sisters wedding, but they df'd me for "apostacy" about 2 weeks ago (assembly day kept it from being announced last week). The nerve of those people; me? Apostate? Ridiculous! Damn Jahomah Idiots!

    (((Six))) Hopefully this will show your family where TRUE love is -- and isn't.


    We'll see. It'll be interesting.
    You know, the disfellowshipping policy is one of the three worst teachings of the Watchtower. But at least that policy and their 'no voting' policy keeps 2 million Amercan fundamentalist from voting for Bush. That thought has got to put a smile on Six's face, even tonight.
    Not really a smile Steve, but a constipated grin. Hey, best I can do this evening.
    ((Stinky)) thanks.
    Your mom didn't go to the meeting, did she?
    Actually, she did. Probably imagined it a loyalty test for her. We're big on those type things, Sixers. My sister came over to go with her for moral support I suppose. It's funny, she's known my feelings for a few years, she's known I'm involved in politics and she has a pretty good idea that I don't subscribe to JW sexual morals, so why is this troublesome at all? Because, (and I'm sure she doesn't realize this is the reason) she feels the social heat of the congregation and family. Sad though, that she needs a family member to have her back in a congregation full of her "brothers and sisters". Yesterday, she let me know she had informed the family (I had told her that I wanted to write them all a note, but hadn't gotten it done, not sure what I want to tell them). She said they all (and she herself) held out hope that I would return. But she corrected herself, and said "maybe 'return' is not right, since you never really accepted it.....". It's all a bit insulting, as she should know damn well that I won't be returning, and she also knows that I "accepted" it, even though I had important questions that never got answered. Ah well, not a sword I felt like falling on now, especially since this attitude is really the one I want to foster with the family ("he never really took to the truth"), so I'll lose this battle and hopefully win the war.
  • avishai

    Well, sixy, I'm gonna say I'm sorry, and that sux, but also................................................CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!!!

    I know you've been "out" mentally forever. But it's nice to see that ANYONE ever gets out, 'cuz it's so controlling.

    ((((sixofnine)))) with a great big high five!!!!

  • czarofmischief

    I'm stunned they haven't df'ed you already, based on your personality alone...


  • seattleniceguy

    Hey Six,

    Sorry to hear about the DFing garbage. It sucks to have your family cut you off. I hope some of them come around someday.


  • BrendaCloutier

    keeps 2 million Amercan fundamentalist from voting for Bush

  • SAHS


    If the elders give you any flack about voting, which I believe is really a conscience matter, then you can show them the following from the WT?s own material:

    In accord with the way they understood matters then, however, the selection of elders, and of deacons to assist them, was made by congregation vote. Each year, or more often if necessary, the qualifications of those who might serve were considered, and a vote was taken. It was basically a democratic procedure, but one that was hedged about with limitations designed to act as a safeguard. All in the congregation were urged to review carefully the Biblical qualifications and to express by vote, not their own opinion, but what they believed to be the will of the Lord. Since only those "fully consecrated" were eligible to vote, their collective vote, when guided by the Word and spirit of the Lord, was viewed as expressing the Lord?s will in the matter. Although Brother Russell may not have been completely aware of it, his recommendation of this arrangement was perhaps influenced to some extent not only by his determination to avoid any semblance of an exalted clergy class but also by his own background as a teenager in the Congregational Church.

    ?Jehovah?s Witnesses?Proclaimers of God?s Kingdom, chap. 15, p. 206-7

    Then, tell them that if you were in the WT organization at the time of its founder, Charles Russell, then you wouldn?t be committing a sin by voting?you would simply be doing the same as their own congregational procedure.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Hey, Six, I'm sorry you have to go through that steaming pile of crap. But, when you're going though hell, keep movin! Or is that when you're going through the Hall, keep moving?!

    keeps 2 million Amercan fundamentalist from voting for Bush

    Yeah, they'd think they were helping push us into Armageddon! But, maybe they are secretly voting..... Hmmm



  • caballoSentado

    Every Jehovah's Witness in Peru votes. If you do not vote in this country, you'll get a big fine..... So everybody votes here. There are no meetings on voting days. Caballo Sentado (technically a JW)

  • freedom96


    Any word from your mom on the response in the hall?

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