I Voted Today

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    You don't really think I was SERIOUS, do you? You have no sense of humor? (Edited) IT WAS A JOKE!!! That is J-O-K-E. (Edited) If I did, I would have no in-laws! You want me to explain that one Also?

    Bet you are voting for Bush, right?

    Right On Target

  • ThiChi

    I don't know you......And I don't find it funny, at all. I can't stand some people, however, I would never make a comment like that. JWS (a non Bush voter?) is right.

    So if I am a Bush supporter, its OK? God, take your meds....

  • Glenmore

    5 of us living here voted over the weekend (mail ballots in Oregon), for Kerry (or specifcally against Bush, Cheney and their gang). It was the second time for me in the US, I voted against Bush/Cheney in 2000, the year I became a US citizen. I always had dodged becoming a citizen when I was BOrg as I didn't want to dance around the pledges and oaths. Now I don't give a rats arse.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Congrats Willy! It does feel liberating, but also strange but in a nice way. Kind of like the first you celebrate Christmas or Halloween or a birthday.

    Yup... Texas allows early voting too.

    Quite right. Nina and I voted last Saturday. Very easy, very quick. In and out with no pain and just a little blood.

  • freedom96

    I respect all that go out and vote. Those who don't vote, and still complain, have no business to do so, being they did nothing about it. Or didn't at least try.

    I will vote for Bush, but being I am from California, the state will very likely go for Kerry, but at least I did something about it.

    I would caution those, however, that vote "Anyone but Bush." Voting in a President is not something to take lightly, and voting for Kerry means supporting him, and what he stands for. Be careful of what you wish for.

  • CoonDawg

    I voted about 3 weeks ago...absentee. I ended up voting a straight democratic ticket...not because I'm so enamored of democrats in general...but other than Bush & Kerry...I had an opportunity to meet and speak with IN PERSON all of the other state and US house candidates. I based my choices on that. There's just something about meeting someone, looking in their eye and shaking their hand. I feel good about all of my choices of candidates. At first, I was voting for Kerry because he's not G.W....then I started really looking at his senate record on the senate website...rather than any partisan websites. I liked much of what I saw. I then tried to do the same for Mr. Bush from when he was governor of Texas...again from non-partisan sites....but I couldn't find much.

    This is my first year to vote. Jeez, I regret being such a do-nothing in the past.


  • willyloman
    This is my first year to vote. Jeez, I regret being such a do-nothing in the past.

    It's what you're doing now that matters. Congratulations on taking responsibility for our world and standing up and being counted.

  • Rabbit

    My wife and I early voted today. It was much simpler than I thought. The only thing I was dismayed at was, there was several offices to be voted on -- that I had never heard of. No ads, nothing in our local paper. I even went to the internet for my small town newspaper, back several months for anything political. And I looked up both parties websites. I found a lot and read up on each candidate and made my decision. I could find nothing that showed the different maps of all the different districts.

    Still, I'm glad I did vote for the first time in my life. As I walked out, I was smiling and felt 'giddy', just knowing I am giving myself a voice...by throwing off the WT chains.

  • Purza

    I voted today too. . . .for the first time ever. There was a TV camera there and they were interviewing people who were dropping off their absentee ballots -- my daughter seriously wanted to be on TV, but JW memories kicked in and I didn't want anyone who knows me to see me on TV (if I even made it that far).


  • pr_capone

    I am stongly considering voting for Nader even though I support Bush. The reason for this is because Kansas has been a Republican state since before Moses. 1 more vote for a republican candidate will not accomplish a single thing, Now, on the other hand, I strongly believe that the system should be more than just a 2 party thing. If Nader can get 5% of the popular vote, he can get federal funding for future campaigns.

    Not that Nader (or anyone else for that matter) stands a chance if Gulliani does run in '08, but its simply more for principle.

    Kansas District Overbeer

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