You mean "THE TRUTH" don't you!!!!!!

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  • Poztate

    Well I went and did it. I got into trouble with my wife AGAIN. She had just come home from a one day C.A. and felt the "NEED" to share with me. After a minute or so I told her I didn't really feel like talking religion with her.She almost screamed at me..."YOU MEAN THE TRUTH DON'T YOU" ????. I was not trying to stir it up but I had struck a real nerve with her.

    My thought is when did the truth become "THE TRUTH"? and need to be defended to the death like this ??? Was it after WW 2 or more in the time of Rutherford...the 1930's or so.

    A secondary thought is she gets right upset at me using the generic term GOD instead of guess who.Has the CULT programing become so deep that all good dubs react in this fashion without even thinking why?


  • AlanF

    The term "the Truth" has been used at least as far back as 1900, and was used by the Bible Students. I believe that they adopted it from older Millerite and Adventist tradition.


  • shotgun
  • iiz2cool

    Yep, it drives me batty too. I used to get into that argument all the time. The JWs act like they own the word 'truth' or something, and that only the WTS has the right to say what is true and what is not. Of course, "truth" is subject to change at any time without notice.

    If they have the right to call it "truth" then I have an equal right to call it "bullshit".

    They may be offended by that, but at least the term I use is more accurate.


  • shotgun

    Walter, I think the bulls may be offended by that comparison!

  • Scully


    If you think she got pissed off when you referred to it as "religion", try doing this: Make quotation marks in the air with your fingers whenever you say "The Truth?".

    When she gets mad, you can say "I thought that's what you wanted me to call it!!"

    By the way, she might be interested to know that the Mormons refer to their belief system as The Truth?. So do the Moonies. So did the Raelians. So did Jim Jones and David Koresh. That could be a very effective line of reasoning with her, saying that you find that usage in very poor taste.

    Love, Scully

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Has the CULT programing become so deep that all good dubs react in this fashion without even thinking why?

    It's been like this for a loooong time poztate. For some people (and I am not necessarily referring to your wife), the cult thinking is the glue that holds them together. Good luck.

  • Poztate
    "the Truth" has been used at least as far back as 1900,

    Hi Alan F,

    I guess that when she talks truth then I should point out some of the "truth" from Russell's era.I know I couldn't get too far..what with "new light" coming out and all.To my wife the truth is what happened today and she never considers the lies she has been told over the years.She will never escape and does not even know she is trapped.


    I like the quotes from the WT.They in fact condemm themselves by speaking about facts and the truth in the same sentence.We all know "the truth" has nothing to do with facts and never will be a fact.I don't know how the liars that write this crap can look at themselves in the mirror every morning and still justify their lifes and lies.


    I am afraid if I used the fingers in the air I might miscount and put up the wrong number of fingers when talking about the truth and that would get me in trouble again.I liked the fact that Mormons etc all had the same mind set to call their beliefs the truth.


    I always told my daughter that the word "truth" meant no more than if you had said you use "tide" instead of saying I use laundry soap.It only has meaning to those fully under the power of the WT.

    Happy Guy,

    I wish I was happy too. Life would be a whole lot simpler without this cult in all our lives.We all to do the best we can with the hand we were dealt and live the best life we can.


  • Corvin

    The typical response from every "spiritually weak" JW I have talked to about the UN issue, the shunning issue, the blood issue and the child molestation issue, (the spiritually weak ones are the only ones that will talk to me, btw, lol) is "Well . . . blah blah blah . . . " (some weak incoherent defense of the org ensues followed by) "No matter what, I know it's 'the truth' . . . it just is."

    So sad.


  • Carmel

    Hey I got booted from another board for questioning the authenticity of the name Jehovah! Guess they are a tad defensive about that! Yep it's the cult programing kicking in!!


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