Where will all the dead/resurrected babies be?

by Bubbamar 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fleur

    GRRRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHH! Those quotes and scripture citings get me all angry all over again. First time I ever doubted anything I'd leared as a good little dub growing up was when the elders told me that my two miscarried babies didn't have a chance.

    I just remember blanking out mentally and crossing a line I could never go back over as the one elder blathered on about Job saying it would have been better for him to have died as "a hidden miscarriage" and the other one looked like he wanted to hit him with his Bible because here I was, totally devestated and this is how they come to 'comfort' me? by saying first of all "well, you know your baby has no future in God's eyes.'

    thanks a fricking lot. I almost committed suicide over that. I will never forget the way that felt.

    ((((((hugs)))))) to all the other moms who have lost babies and been treated so 'tenderly' by the WTS 'loving' shepherds.

    I don't know where my babies are or what future they have. But they were real and I loved them and I deserved a hell of a lot better than the WTS could offer me in my grief. We all did.

  • Evesapple

    I could never figure out how they could articulate as if really knowing the answer and people actually swallowing it? Explanations like these never sat well with me, but was told, Jehovah will take care of it, o.k. than why is the society providing an answer if they don't really know?

    Do you remember too how they explained that eventually in the paradise earth, people would no long have babies because the earth would be filled and they would remember the days of the little people.....and Jehovah would make sure we felt fulfilled regardless? Ok...what scripture did they twist to explain that one???

  • Bubbamar

    Fluer - What a horrid story! Kind of sounds like the servant beating up on the other servants doesn't it? I'm so sorry they abused you like that while you were dealing with such a huge loss. Bastards have no right to be in such a powerful position and they will pay!

    Leolaia - I read your thread...that was awesome!!! I would love to see the stupid look on the face of a Dub after you got through ripping their beliefs to shreds with basic math! Have you written a book with all of this information that you have? That would be a great de-witness tool!

    And I agree - A world with no babies would be no paradise to me.

    We would mate just for the fun of it?! Doesn't sound very dub-like to me. LOL

    My mom is a witness because she lost her first child - I don't think she ever got over that and can't handle the thought of any other realities. Poor lady - walked away from her live children (and beautiful grandchildren) to obsess over her dead one.

  • mkr32208

    bizarro that babies that aint born aint' alive but if ya want an abortion they are alive from the first second of conception... weird that no one ever questions this crap until they get out of that organization

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