Did You Believe Either You Were Being "Blessed" or Being "Disciplined"?

by minimus 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • toreador

    Min, are you retired or are you posting from work? I am the Gestapo and need to know. JK

  • minimus

    I'm posting from work.

  • toreador

    Ah, I see.

  • 95stormfront
    I know most of you believe this belief is hogwash but did you accept these thoughts as JWs?
    I had some doubts but for the most part I did accept it. I always felt something was phony about the whole deal.

    I did too....

    Even when I was studying, all the way up to and through baptism something in the back of my mind was telling me, "this is bull$h!t"!!!

    .....and I didn't listen.....

    I tried praying to Jehoober......I really did......

    ...but the omniscient sock puppet never answered....

  • FallGirl

    I believed the whole pack of crap! In fact, last year was a particularly bad year for me, and I thought for sure that Jehovah was allowing me to be tried, so that I could be stronger later. WHATEVA! I feel a little crazy now, and when my family calls me to tell me things like "Satan is really busy, and he's happy you're not serving Jehovah" I can't help but roll my eyes and wonder WHY I EVER LET THAT WORK ON ME!

    Do you tend to feel "smarter" or more "enlightened" now?

  • minimus

    FallGirl, I was always a bright bulb.

  • toreador

    If you were a bright bulb "as" a witness then how come you no longer believe it minimus?

  • Mary

    I just believed I was cursed!!!

  • minimus

    Toreador, I was joking. I am a dimwit.

  • Piph

    Oh, I was sure I was always the center of Jehover's attention...LOL

    In the past couple of years when I was still a JW, I was getting in trouble with the elders a lot...or it seemed like a lot...it was actually only two or three times but the sheer trauma of it was enough to make it seem like a constant thing. That's when my belief that something bad happening to me meant I was being tested...was tested. I really couldn't see how God could let something so obviously traumatizing happen to me when it was supposed to be HIM helping me through the elders.

    (Of course I brain-washed myself out of that one when I made the connection that I was just like Job and the elders were "false comforters"...it's amazing the lengths children [emotionally stunted people] will go through to keep their parent [the idea of God] perfect in their eyes.)

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