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  • azaria

    This is a sore spot for me too, the lack of generosity to people in general. The org’s magazines that I have read, about being charitable, always talked about helping their brothers and sisters and if a wordly person happened to be there, then they would help him also. Does the Salvation Army only help their own, do the Catholics, etc, etc.?

    "...we're offering people everlasting life",

    Hi Mary: First I find this statement appalling. Do they really believe that they have the power to offer people everlasting life or am I misreading it?

    When the hurricanes occured my mother was forever bringing it up, not necessarily because she felt sorry for these people, but because it was another sign that we are close to the end. I mentioned about giving to a charity and she mentioned that the witnesses don’t broadcast it for every one to see how generous they are. For practical reasons the Salvation Army, Red Cross etc have to be visual so people know where to go.

    It always made me ill, to hear JWs bashing the Canadian Red Cross which looked after blood services. Of course you wouldn't dare donate funds to them, lest horror of horrors, it ended up in the blood services division. But come tragedy, JWs would be in the same line as all the other victims, seeking assistance in one form or another. And if you were elderly and disabled, where did they go to get subsidized canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. That's right....Red Cross. Hypocrites!

    Hi xjw:This sounds like my mother. She condemns the Govt but gladly takes, even when she isn’t entitled to it. But the JW’s are honest!!!

  • Uzzah


    The trouble with Watchtower writers .. they are given two choices

    1. frontal lobotomy or
    2. bottle in front of me.

    Either choice results in what is now consider "new light".


  • Mary
    Azaria asked: Do they really believe that they have the power to offer people everlasting life or am I misreading it?

    Well that's a loaded question azaria........technically it's Jehovah that has to provide the everlasting life, but as we all know, Witnesses are taught that you can ONLY qualify for this by joining their group and obey the Governing Body without question. Without that, they don't think you've got a hope in hell of gaining eternal life even if Jehovah did. So yes, in reality, they do believe that they are the instrument by which people can get everlasting life................pretty presumtuous eh?

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    the charity work of the wt is next to ZERO. and if they do anything you will believe it will be in a afake. mag. what did the cong and wt do when last month those 5 jw's got killed in north carolina. ZERO a big FAT ZERO. some other church down the block payed for their funerals. james 2;15-18 . what happened to the wt in france> they had 10 years to come clean, no instead they spent millions in court . only to get screwed 10 times harder than they would have it they would have done the right thing. but no the wt is BUILDING THERE KINGDOM RIGHT HERE ON EARTH . they could care less about the 80 year old bro. on s.s. and don't have $$$$$ for heat this winter. they want his real estate. wt nov 1 2004. you will know them by thier rotten fruit... john

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