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  • Mary
    A Friend in Need said: How would you know if JWs do charitable (materially) or not?

    Uh, because it's right there in the pages of the Watchtower. We had a study article a few years ago on it and it made no bones about the fact that they think banging on people's doors trying to sell magazines was far superior "charity work" to anyone actually trying to feed the hungry. The smug rationale of the Organization is "...we're offering people everlasting life", which to them apparently means that you shouldn't make any attempt to feed someone who's starving NOW. It is, in fact, it's very much frowned upon as I learned first hand when the elders discovered that I was making a big pot of soup each Tuesday and taking it to our local Soup Kitchen. I was questioned as to WHY I would be doing this when "...only God's Kingdom provides a permanent solution to mankinds problems...." They didn't like it when I replied that Jesus certainly never felt that way, and that He DID feed people who were hungry at that time, so why don't we? They had no answer.

    It's a shame too, because if the Witnesses spent half as much time actually doing charity work as what they do trying to sell magazines, they'd be doing something worthwhile and wouldn't be viewed as a joke of a religion.

  • xjw_b12

    LOL at afin. Yeah JWs are charitable all right.

    It always made me ill, to hear JWs bashing the Canadian Red Cross which looked after blood services.

    Of course you wouldn't dare donate funds to them, lest horror of horrors, it ended up in the blood services division. But come tragedy, JWs would be in the same line as all the other victims, seeking assistance in one form or another. And if you were elderly and disabled, where did they go to get subsidized canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. That's right....Red Cross.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    A Friend in Need:

    I'll grant you that some jws do make some charitable donations now and again: like say you go to someone's funeral and the family asks for a donation to cancer research etc. My own sib who only works part-time at a near minimum wage job and pioneers, makes monthly donations to Toronto's Sick Children's Hospital.

    THESE ARE INDIVIDUALS and they're not efforts officially endorsed by the Society. Don't evade that central point. That the Society would rather have you using your resources and time to promote their self-interests than in other charities that actually help people.

    Scully made an excellent point: When will there be a food bin at the kingdom hall?

  • RunningMan

    A fat lot of good that FOOD is going to do them when God destroys their sorry asses at Armageddon.

    Everyone knows that what the poor needs is Watchtowers - and if you allow them to contribute you will be doing them a favor, because then they will appreciate it more.

  • shotgun

    Stop picking at AFIN..he's right about the WT

    Could it be the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing, let alone the likes of you?

    They even take it a step further by using a mbidextrous researchers and writers at the WTBTS. They often find new light on the next page not realizing they wrote it...praise Jah you people!

  • Mary

    At our assembly a few years ago, the District Overseer was up there in all his glory. He was whining about Witnesses who give to "worldly charities" instead of giving their money to the Organization. He even had the example of a single elderly brother who left $100,000 to the Humaine Society instead of the Watchtower Society. After lambasting the dead brother, he said with contempt and disgust in his voice "...I guess you could say his money literally went to the dogs."

    The WTB&TS is the only religious organization I know of that officially discourages charity work. Well, didn't Jesus say "by your works you will know them?"

  • candidlynuts

    i tell ya what this is a hot spot for me.

    in america to get any kind of aid anymore you have to go to faith based services. not govt services they basically dont exsist anymore.

    i've had to accept food baskets from catholic churches. or starve.

    thats probably a df'ing offense. but where else was i to turn. and why do i still feel guilty about it?

    my situation is better now that i'm on social security disability and ssi. but still.. accepting help from a worldly church scared me to death at the time. (pre internet days)

    just so you know i'm not a total loser , back when i was married i always gave to area collections for families in need, the local volunteer fire dept etc. never was financially able to give much but i gave.

  • azaria
    They even take it a step further by using a mbidextrous researchers and writers at the WTBTS. They often find new light on the next page not realizing they wrote it...

    Shotgun: that's funny! Are you saying: Could it be the left brain knows not what the right brain is doing?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hmm... looks like our ``friend in need" has gone missing ... or to the bathroom?

  • Scully


    Could it be the left brain knows not what the right brain is doing?

    Ummm, that would actually require A BRAIN to be involved.

    Love, Scully

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