CELTIC PHOTOS Oregon USA plus rose for Granny Grace

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  • bisous

    Simon, I do soooooo hope you like my first photograph, I took it especially thinking of you!!

    As for the rest of the pictures, I hope you all enjoy them, missed putting them on here, obviously had great pleasure taking them whilst taking time out from smooching the beautiful Bisous.

    Simply click on photos to enlarge in new window.

    All the best!!


  • Englishman

    Excellent pics, Celty. You certainly have an eye for composing a beautiful photograph.


  • ozziepost
    an eye for composing a beautiful photograph

    Yeah, just think how good he'd be with two!!

  • Special K
    Special K

    Looks like your enjoying all the different kinds of scenery, Celtic.

    Not sure who all the people are in the pictures but looks like a nice social time.

    Best regards to both you and bisous.

    Special K

  • Gretchen956

    I hope that Bisous doesn't forget to take you to the Oregon Coast, some of the most beautiful seacoast in the world, IMO.

    Nice photos, Celty, and glad you're enjoying yourself!


  • mouthy

    My Dearest Celtic!!!!! Dont know the people but the scenery is excellent SO lovely -The rose I could practically smell. What wonderful peace seems to be in all the shots....of the countrysides. Thank you!!!

  • shotgun

    Very nice celtic...glad your having a great time and I can see by the first pic that Bis has you feeling pretty cocky

  • MegaDude

    I really like the pic of the mountain with all the blue sky around it. Where is that?

  • BrendaCloutier

    Mt. Hood, Oregon. 60 miles from Portland. Has year round skiing on one of the glaciers.

    He's covered in snow now. 11" base at Timberline Lodge.


    Portland Home Grown

  • Princess

    Nice pics Mark!

    Since he hasn't filled you in on who the peeps are in the pic, I'll help

    First pic(not the cock pic) is Avenger's friend Gayle, Steve and Gretchen's brother Tim

    Second pic is Euphamism and SeattleNiceGuy

    Third has Piph standing but I don't know who the sitters are

    Four is Gayle and Avengers

    Five is Steve and Avishai

    Six and Seven are Johnny(?), Doc, Gretchen's back and SeattleNiceGuy.

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