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  • Corvin

    Being in "the truth" my entire life has definitely taught me the value of real truth.

    If you are my friend, I don't have to lie to you.

    If you are not my friend, then who the hell are you that I gotta lie to you?


  • frenchbabyface

    Also ... that make me thinking about the fact that when you are telling the truth where the answer make people feel that you should have lied they think you did worst ... actually as a kid it was terrible to tell the truth and moreover before 10 for, my mother couldn't get it ... it brings back memories ...

  • LittleToe

    I've always been an incredibly poor liar, and so gave up trying.
    Omissions can be a different matter, as I had to learn that as a defense mechanism in the absence of being able to lie effectively.

    It's a very human trait, for all we might go on about it.

  • Sunnygal41

    Up to about 6 years ago, I lived a lie almost every day of my then life. I lied to friends, myself and my husband of that time. I didn't want to hurt other people's feelings, so I made decisions that I knew were not right for me. Finally, the depression and anger burst out, no longer to be contained, and I was DF'd and divorced in that order within 2 years. Now, for the most part, I am living a life of truth and there is so much peace in my life that I have to pinch myself to make sure it's true. I've also changed my perceptions about life and my expectations and done alot of self educating to bolster and hone my reasoning abilities as well as my emotions. And, getting correct treatment for depression, etc. has helped.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Since I'm "fading", my repeated lie is showing up to jw meetings from time to time to see family, and pretending like everything is fine.

    My biggest lie to date is a toss up between: 1) my getting baptized (I lied to myself at that point...thinking maybe I'd change) 2) and my not having any feelings for this one person

    I first try to decipher the motives the other peson had for the lie...if it was to spare me some hurt, I don't even bring it up...if it was questionable, I'll forgive them easily, but if it was malicious, then I just try to steer clear of them from then on...

    Sure some lies are okay....I've spared one very sweet person a life of misery with my lousy economic situation and sub-par health.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    A newspaper article some years back stated that the average American lies approximately 200 times a day, based on a study done on this subject.

    I would imagine that most ppl lie via omission or tact (that's an interesting hairdo, no that doesn't bother me, etc.) or about things that are too personal to be the questioner's business.

    As for myself, I'm more likely to blurt out the truth without thinking about it before speaking.

  • candidlynuts

    I"m 5'6, 110 pounds, long black hair, very rich and single....

    Is that a lie or a delusion? hahahaha

  • minimus


  • Corvin

    Thinking back, I suppose most of us here were living a lie when we first began having doubts about the organization, but stayed in denial over it for whatever period of time until we started to admit the truth to ourselves . . .

    . . . and I guess I do sometimes lie by omission, but it is keeping with the principal that sometimes you should withhold the truth from those who are not emotionally ready to handle the truth (not the same as withholding the truth from those who don't deserve to know the truth as the WTBTS asserts) which I feel can be seen as an act of love rather than an act of malice or deception. The truth always comes out with rare exceptions and I think it has its own timetable for doing so.

  • StinkyPantz


    What do you lie about repeatedly?
    -I only admit to 1/3 of the actual number of sex partners I've had..
    So... how many partners HAVE you had?
    Would you even believe my answer?

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