Identical Female Twins Become Sister and Brother

by Rabbit 15 Replies latest social relationships

  • observador
    JWs like everyone fixed already. Drug addicts that are clean. Alcoholics that are sober. The mentally ill properly medicated. People have have their sexual orientations already "normal." No street people need apply. Heavens, and no one with HIV/AIDS.

    That's right, blondie. And even if they get anyone with HIV/AIDS, they caught it while "in the world".


  • confusedjw

    Well to me there is no question that being hetrosexual is genetic. I don't know why those other people choose at the age of 4 to be gay! Don't they know life is going to be harder and more confusing? Kids!

    Well I really do hope that Juan and all those with this same struggle can find happiness.

  • Rabbit

    "I'd been told that, you know, God doesn't want me to do this. Something's wrong with me, I'm sick.

    When I read the above I shuddered, thinking "I hope they're not Witnessess."

    ...(I cannot get rid of this yellow stain)

  • confusedjw

    Wabbit - highlight the text you want plain again and then push what looks like a rolled up newspaper icon. "Remove Formatting" to get rid of the yellow stain.

  • Rabbit

    Thanks, I'll try that !

    Will it work on my shorts, too?

  • candidlynuts

    thats great that he has the support of his sister. i've known a couple of that dress like women.. i forget which term applies. anyway nice people and if they wanted to be referred to as "she" and called their female name i had no problem with it.

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