Children's Book for Athiests

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    I like the idea of such a book, but this one seems too absolutist. 'There are no gods, they are made up. Like dragons.' I happen to buy that, but Gina doesn't. I would rather feed our kids something more moderate, along the lines of a discussion between two kids about how one parent believes in a god and the other doesn't. Or three, or four, covering some major religions. In "kid-speak". Just to open them up to the idea that there's more than one god out there competing for their attention, in addition to the none-of-the-above option.

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    I remember when Zach was three and was asking me about Jehovah, "Does Jehovah have legs?"

    "No," I told him, "He can move around, but he doesn't have legs like you do."

    He considered this for a moment and said, "Does he walk on his butt?"

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