X-mas card list....eeek I have a problem....

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  • morty

    I know someone else started a thread about exchanging x-mas cards but I could not find it and here is my problem......

    It got started some time ago ( the thread) and when I recieved mailing addresses from pms I did not get a chance to write all the addys down right away.

    Today, I went and bought my xmas-cards and thought I would start them and I now relise that alot of my pms have been erased from my inbox.If you sent me your address for a card could you please resend it to me. Or if you have not sent me your mailing address but would like to recieve one from me please do so as well.....Anyone else that would like to follow on to the list as well, please go ahead....

    Morty of the Christmas is only 8 weeks away class

  • orbison11

    great, i was the one who started the thread, if any want to exchange or want me to send on their addy's just let me know

    i checked at post office today, is $1.40 canadian to send to england, time to save for them all:)

    looking forward to sending and receiving


  • morty

    Thanks Wendy........I was hoping that the one that started the thread would tell me who it was because it was driving me nutts...

    Could you please send me your addy again???

  • Country_Woman

    Hello, I kept all the addresses from last year - and intend to use them.

    anybody who want a Dutch card, PM me your address.

  • avengers
    anybody who want a Dutch card, PM me your address.

    me me me me.

  • morty


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    You have a PM Mortie :)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Oops forgot to add something

    If you sent me a card last year and have sent one this year using the same address it WILL eventually get to me. But if you wnat me to get it before the holidays you will have to PM me for a new address (which will change yet again) but the temp address will work

  • fairy

    well, guess what.....the same thing has happened to me. i thought i would leave the addresses in my pm list but now some of them are gone...so if i have promised anyone a card - please message me again or if you want one from me, please message me....

  • morty

    Glad I'm not the only one this happened to fairy.....lol...

    Thanks lady Lee.....

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