My Dad's rare "Photo Drama Of Creation" -- given to Watchtower Bethel

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  • starfish422

    Quotes, I think your dad may have shown that very presentation in our congregation, since his uncle was PO of our congregation for such a long time. If it was to be donated, it should have gone to a legitimate museum who could have preserved it for the work of art it was; rather than going to the catacombs of the Halton Hilton. :(

  • iiz2cool

    Hey Quotes, I remember seeing it in my first hall. Too bad they wasted it by giving it to bethel?.

    Did you ever get that Aid book you mentioned? If not I have one if you need some scans.


  • boa

    Wifee and I saw this presentation (the pared down one) in the mind-90's at a KH in BC. I remember everyone thought it was an awesome privilege(tm). I don't recall who put it on though it seems to me it was a CO.

    I'm not sure how scandalous any slides showing cross and crown, pyramids, and so forth are, since they are on display at Bethel (canuck one) and I believe pics and statements of these symbols being used are in jw publications (Proclaimers book?).

    Perhaps there is some other nefarious use you were thinking of?


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