Did You Believe EVERYTHING On The News Was Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

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  • minimus

    Were you one of those Witnesses that believed everything written in a newspaper or viewed on the news was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? You know--the type that always had newspaper clippings in your pocket, anxious to show the "friends" how this looks like the "cry for peace and security"?......You know the type I mean......

  • Nosferatu

    I was, but the whole thing got old after a while. Personally, I started noticing that things weren't getting worse. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

  • blondie

    Nope, because the Bible says it would come at a time you think not.


  • minimus

    We had an elder that always had news clippings in his pocket. He was big on 1975 and peace & security. He would look down on "Blondie types".

  • FallGirl

    I've always watched the news and would equate some things to Bible prophecy. (Never carried clippings, MUCH too nerdy!) When ones like Bush or before him Clinton would say the actual words "peace and security" I'd get a sinking feeling in my stomach.

    I'm still fading, and probably soon to be d'fed if I don't d'a myself first, but I have a question, how have you who used to think that way dealt with the whole "end of the world" crap? (Sorry if this takes us off subject. If you move the thread remind me, ok?)


  • minimus

    I never was an end of the world guy. I guss never a "true believer".

  • Carmel

    they're all over at e-watchman still predicting the "begining of the end" crap.


  • heathen

    I do know the type as well because the short period I attended some meetings there were speakers that would whip out some news article and go on about how this is all leading to the end . The WTBTS likes use news articles in it's publications as well . Alot of times when I watch the news on TV I feel that I am seeing some prophesy in it , especially the political stuff . hmmmmmmmmm

  • minimus

    Funny thing is that since all the "prophecies" didn't come true except for the "invisible ones", the Society now warns against "speculation".

  • JT


    typically the Key Note Address on sunday at the circuit or district conventions would start out with 5-10min of all the WOES OF THE WORLD- BEFORE THE speaker would get into his talk-

    the wt Teaching Committee which oversees all mateial for conventions would search high and low thru paper clippings to find as many things WRONG WITH THE WORLD that they could-- this is called setting up ones talk tell them all the bad and then offer them the solutions

    sell our books every sat for the rest of your life and things will be alright- smile

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