Elders: When talking about confidential matters... Don't:

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  • DaCheech

    reas #1: Elders have wives

    reas #2 Elders have kids!

  • blondie

    I knew one family where the kids and the wives routinely listened on the phone and then spread the info far and wide, sometimes filling in the details with their imagination.

    I have heard elders laugh about tricking someone by not telling them that another elder was on the line so they could fulfill the 2 witness rule.

    Some elders are better than others. But eventually they talk about it at an elders' meeting. It only takes one "chatty cathy" to tell all he knows to the wrong people.

    I knew of elders who would discuss cases with elders in other congregations using the rule that if they did not reveal the names it was not gossip and was okay. The details were so specific that a fool would know who the people were being discussed.

    Sisters/elders used the excuse that they were trying to figure out how to help the person. Strangely enough, they never talked to the person they wanted to help just everyone else in the congregation.


  • DaCheech

    Obviously everyone in this boards knows a lot of stuff. How else would we know this stuff? We heard and saw things. Obviously confidentiality does not exist, and it is a GB/WT dream!

  • frenchbabyface

    What a crapy JW world ... RUN AWAY

  • Mecurious?

    How about not talking to their spouse about confidential matters? That's how your private matters get to be known all over the place

    Yep. Believe me you. I learned the hard way. One day I walked into the kingdom hall and an elders wife walked right up to me and said "did you know the elders are looking for you". Needless to say I was flabbergasted.


  • undercover
    Elders have been counseled at so called "elder schools" which are held in each circuit or district every two or three years not to use cordless phones when talking about confidential congregational or judical matters, but rather to use a "land line" phone.

    I remember hearing this also, but I don't remember where, because I was never an elder.

    Reading it now though, I feel like I'm watching an episode of The Sopranos where Tony is always using land lines or pay phones to conduct "business".

  • Iforget

    My father took great pains to keep all matters private. I can remember him closing his study door and we were under no circumstances allowed in. Maybe if the house were on fire.

    Also, if he left the house in a suit at night (not a meeting night) and we asked where is dad going...we were told it was not our business and to not ask questions.

    Never once did he ever betray this confidence. However the other 4 in the congo...you may as well get up and give the 3rd talk on what you did/may have done/thinking about doing/thought about doing.

    Mom and dad both had the quick response if we asked why someone was disfellowshipped..."they were unrepentant". No drama no unkindness but in the end the other brothers hated him for never taking the hard line approach. They ending up leave that congo for another due to the lack of love for the younger people. Almost closed the entire congo and cleared out body of elders a few years later and brought in others.

    I saw a sister from that old hall last weekend. She is quite old now and I sat and spoke with her for a bit. She was pure poison. Was then and is the same now. It took all I had to not tell her off when she started spouting about "the world".

    Hateful people are boutiful however there are some that have good hearts and truly are misguided believers.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    It's all conniving confabulation from the top down. This is the chief curricula (sleaze 101) that elders learn when they go off to their exclusive elders school seminars.Tactical tips on suborning perjury is what they call at kingdom school,"AOP" or Approved Operating Procedure. Arguing in the alternative the: Deception Deflection Directive Get into a jam we will cop-a-plea-we-a-o-p. They are the,control freaks with a mean streak, oppressive wolves in sheep's clothing' that Jesus and the apostle Paul warned about. Last i checked the technology,it is very difficult to 'wiretap' a digital cellphone it operates beyond even the police scanner band.Upper shortwave radio band and you need TWO recievers. Cordless phones are another matter.

  • BluesBrother

    Iforget, your dad sounds like an honourable man, of the old school.. More like the best of the older elders that I once served with and tried to emulate. We were all mistaken in beliefs but some were 'quality people'

    Sadly I have found fewer men like that today ...and there are congos such as you describe over here as well

    PS. What do you do when you have ditched the connected telephone and gone modern with a cordless?

  • DaCheech


    If your house has 3 cordless phones, and one that's not on the same line from the phone company....

    when you speak from the "non wireless" can the others leak the conversation?

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