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  • betty boop
    betty boop

    I am a die hard Yankee fan, but i was so disappointed at the loss yesterday. That was the worst game in post-season Yankee history. Espepcially losing to Boston in nyc and at such a bad score. the city is awful quiet and sad today...I really wanted to go to the parade this year this sucks..But boston played great and they deserved it i admit..

  • ColdRedRain

    Who's your daddy!

    Hehehe, Just kidding.

    ColdRedRain, of the Viking Fan Living Vicariously Through The Bosox Class.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Gee Betty.. you sound like me last year when Boston lost to New York.

    But this year. HOORAY!!! Boston Red Sox won.

    Man.. on Man.. was that Yankee stadium quiet last night.

    I've been waiting for this win over New York for a long time.

    Have a beer, you'll feel better

    Special K

  • xjw_b12
  • franklin J
    franklin J

    question is: Who will steinbrenner blame?

  • pr_capone
    That was the worst game in post-season Yankee history

    That was the worst choke in MLB history. No team had ever come back to force a game 7 after being down three games to none and of course no team had ever won a game 7 comming in from that situation. I feel sorry for the Yankees front office as well as Joe Torre. I honestly dont think that half of those people will be back for next year.

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "WHY NOT US?!?!?!?!"

    Kansas District Overbeer

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  • willy_think
  • Preston


    You'll have to place the blame squarely on Confused JW's comforter. As for the red sox fans, Oct. 20th will go down in unofficial red sox nation history as a no-work, no-school, no mail day in celebration after 8 decades of humbly submitting to the yankees empire....

  • amac

    It's about time!!! What an exciting series for Red Sox fans though...the only other sport to have a 3-0 comeback in a 7 game series is Hockey.

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