Red Sox, Yankees and my Comforter w/ special POWERS - a love story.

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  • confusedjw

    The Red Sox are down 3 games to 0 on Sunday.

    As the hours get late I pull out a comforter from the closet, not realizing the special powers it holds.

    The Red Sox win it in extra innings on a David Ortiz home run and comforter on the couch.

    It's now game 5. 7th Inning. The Red Sox are down. My heart is calling out for something, what is different? I notice the comforter is not on the couch as my lovely and neat wife doesn't prefer the look of it out. I go and get the comforter and the come back begins. After 6 hours the Red Sox pull it out, again Ortiz comes through - with the help of the "comforter with special powers".

    I give clear direction to the family that the comforter needs to stay on the couch - Red Sox Nation depends on it.

    Game 6. Comforter has been out all day. Red Sox jump into the lead 4-0 for the first time in the entire series. Schilling pitches a great game with a blood soaked ankle, as he had stitches the day before - but the comfort comes to his ankle from the special powers of the special comforter. Two times the entire Umpiring crew has to get together to clear up blown calls on the field - the special power of the comforter spreads over them - the calls go for the Red Sox.

    But oh no! I check the computer and some network problems are happening at work. I battle the network demons while the Red Sox battle the demon Yankees. The Yankees are coming back. It's now 4-2, two men on and Tony Clark is at the bat. The count is 3-2 and 2 outs, Faulke is not looking great, then I realize what I have to do. Before the pitch I leap from the computer chair and dive onto the "comforter with special powers" - here comes the pitch - STRIKE THREE. THE RED SOX WIN AND FORCE A GAME SEVEN!

    Tonight is game 7 - I am looking over right now and can see the comforter with special powers ready to battle the ghost of Babe Ruth. It will not be touched. The comforter with special powers will sit as is on the couch until the game tonight.

    This is the year Red Sox Nation.

  • under74

    LOL...that hilarious! Thanks for the play by play...I doubt I'll see the game but please post what happens with the redsocks and your "comforter with special powers."

  • confusedjw

    U-74: You cannot resist the power of the "Comforter with special powers"

  • foreword

    LOL...too funny

    But hey.....keep quiet about it, the evil empire might send drones over to your house and snatch the "COMFORTER WITH SPECIAL POWERS" before tonights game......The dark side can be evil, ruthless.....

    Please keep it in a safe you have a safe?......

    Can't wait for tonight......

    Anyone here with contacts in high places.....maybe someone can pull some strings to keep babe busy during the game.....

    Good luck.....and hope the powers don't fizz out.....

  • confusedjw

    OMG - good point! They won't stop at anything. Likely the Death Star is moving into position as we speak.

    It would appear that I will be leaving work early today to stand guard over the "comforter with special powers"

    Well then I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

    (Still shaking at the thought of letting that last pitch being thrown without being in contact with the "comforter with special powers")

  • foreword

    Gotta do watcha gotta do....even if it means less money and a starving wife....I'm sure she understands every bit of your obsession with the Sox........ LOL

  • xjw_b12

    this just jumped into mind

    Go BoSox

  • confusedjw

    She does understand. A couple of years ago my son's baseball team won the states in Junior League Little league and we went to NJ for the regionals. When we took our first loss down there she came walking into the breakfast area the next morning and said "OK who did it? Who changed their underware?" More than implying that that was the reason we lost.

    It took years but finally she is a believer.

  • confusedjw

    LOL at Linus!

    Perhaps the Great Pumpkin will come and help Red Sox Nation this year as well.


  • foreword

    Beware, confused.....cause you are prone to are, aren't you?......LOL

    I must warn you.....the great pumkin I suspect is with the dark side.....gasp.....

    Good grief.....I must be really losing it......LOL

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