After 4 years, I finally had JWs at my door today!

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  • bebu
    *** jv chap. 28 p. 626 Testing and Sifting From Within ***
    Many who were sifted out at that time clung to the view that a single individual, Charles Taze Russell, was the faithful and wise servant foretold by Jesus at Matthew 24:45-47 (KJ), which servant would distribute spiritual food to the household of faith. Particularly following his death, The Watch Tower itself set forth this view for a number of years.(Thats why many clung to the idea you idiots) In view of the prominent role that Brother Russell had played, it appeared to the Bible Students of that time that this was the case. He did not personally promote the idea, but he did acknowledge the apparent reasonableness of the arguments of those who favored it

    This is one area I have documentation on--pages from WTs of the faaar past, which show EXACTLY how the WT made this view (Russell was indeed the FDS) into a test of faith. This is one area that is COMPLETELY MISREPRESENTED by the WT today. It is why any questioning JW lurker owes it to him/herself to research the ORIGINALS, and not trust the WT's version. If I am wrong here... I will give up coffee completely.


    PS enjoy your editorials, as always, shotgun!

  • shotgun

    bebu..the Proclaimers book should have more than enough to work with and most likely it's best to stick to just a few things as well.

    The Proclimers book is also quite heavy and can be used to whack people over the head...Make sure you scream " Heal this sucka Lord" before you smack them...see if they can really feel the power of the Holy Spear-it in the Proclaimers book.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    bebu; i'm pretty sure on freeminds. there a page that goes over the proclaimers book in heavy detail. you will find enough there to shut any jw down in about 10 minutes. on that book. there is also a very interesting quote from studies in the scriptures maybe vol 4 were russell is calling himself the christ , along with jesus and barbour etc. shotgun do you call the nut house , before or after , you hit them over the head with the proclaimers book. the jw;s must want to know why the padded wagon is stationed ready in front of your house. john

  • shotgun
    shotgun simple tell them it's Jehovahs Celestial Chariot..please duck while stepping in.

  • garybuss

    Don Cameron's book Captives Of A Concept, takes the Proclaimer's book apart.


  • M.J.

    Exerpt from "Captives of a Concept" regarding the point just made (pp. 25-27):

    Today the Governing Body teaches that Charles Taze Russell (by himself alone) never was ?the faithful and discreet slave? of Matthew 24:45. But the

    Proclaimers book points out that there was a critical period of time in the Society?s history when they taught that he was. On page 142 it explains that in 1881 Russell originally taught the he was not that ?slave? ? just as they teach today. But on page 143 it acknowledges the extremely important point that a few years later he changed his mind?

    Over a decade [after 1881] Brother Russell?s wife publicly expressed the idea that Russell himself was the faithful and [discreet slave]. The view that she voiced concerning the identity of the ?faithful [and discreet slave]? came to be generally held by (Jehovah?s Witnesses) for some 30 years. Brother Russell did not reject their view?[After those 30 years] the understanding expressed by Brother Russell in 1881 [that he was not that ?slave?] was reaffirmed in The Watch Tower of February 15, 1927.

    What this is saying is very important. It is saying that from about 1897 to February 1927 (30 years) the Society was teaching that Russell was ?the faithful and discreet slave? and therefore that the Society was not that slave . What this means is even more important?

  • bebu

    What the Proclaimers book is glossing here is the paper trail they have left behind. They hope you won't look for it. Well, the internet has made it easy to find. Any doubting lurkers should CHECK THE REFERENCES to see if these quotes are NOT true.

    "The Society by overwhelming majority vote expressed its will in substance thus: Brother Russell filled the office of 'that Servant." (WT 4/1/1920, p.101)

    Fulfilled prophecy-or physical facts-and the circumstantial evidence are conclusive proof that Russell filled the office of that faithful and wise servant. "

    (WT 3/1/1922, p. 74)

    "Every indication of the Lord's providence has shown that God gave Brother Russell to the church to be as a mouthpiece for him; and those who claim to have learned the truth apart from Brother Russell and his writings have been manifested by the Lord as deceivers, ready to lead the flock of God in their way. Satan has attempted by many attacks upon this fact to break it down; to cause the Lord's people to believe: that Brother Russell was not the only channel by which the Lord would lead his people"

    (Watch Tower, 15 September 1922, p. 279). (see 1910 and 1951)

    "The lord foretold an office that would be filled by man. The man the Lord chose to fill that office was his modest, humble, and faithful servant ,brother Russell

    (W.T.5/1/1922 p.74).

    "Thousands of the readers of Pastor Russell's writings believe that he filled the office of 'that faithful and wise servant.' .

    His modesty and humility precluded him from openly claiming this title, but he admitted as much in private conversation."

    (STUDIES, Vol. 1, 1924-27 editions, p. 7)


    PS, thanks Johnny for the info about Freeminds.

    Shotgun, unfortunately I promised the JW that I would take really good care of the book (it's her own, she's lending it to me). Otherwise... whapfest.

  • shotgun

    bebu...just a thought..if you remark that you pulled info off the net or show her old..circa 1920 wt clippings her red flags will go off for sure...try to stick to the book she gave you.

    I have been in service with seasoned elders that turn and walk away from the door as soon as someone mentions they got info from the net.

  • bebu

    Thanks Shotgun, yes I know about making sure I can connect dots so that everything looks like an interesting accident. Too much all at once is not very good.

    She does know, however, that I am going to be looking into finding old writings. So perhaps in yet another week (2 weeks from now) is a time to draw out some more curious stuff.

    (I posted the info in the previous thread for lurkers, btw. I haven't seen it here--or if it is around, it's time to bttt.)


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