You know you're an apostate when... Or, My first Jack-o'-lantern!

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  • Piph

    Do you put a tealight candle in or a votive?

  • Piph

    Silly double poster woman!

  • justhuman

    You hate WT and all the things you missed by following them

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I love reading how former JW's find enjoyment in the forbidden

    We (grandparents) started a new tradition for Halloween...taking the kids to the local cemetary on Halloween. All of us had such fun last year - with typical Autumn weather and dark looming clouds overhead. And of course, just being where we were added some spookiness to the evening. Gawd, I love holidays.

    We've already made one trip to the cemetary because weather conditions beckoned us out-of-doors, and we showed the kids where their great-great uncle is buried. Our youngest grandchild is 3 years of age so she stayed pretty close to the adults...then we came back to grandma's for ice cream cones.

    Halloween night will find us back at the cemetary because that thin veil might bring something scary out into the open. BOO!

    GL, of the "I love ALL holiday's, class.

  • StinkyPantz
    LOL @ StinkyPantz....Very interesting, coming from a person whose avatar appears to be...a cat-o'-lantern!!!


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