Elder arranges for Convicted JW Child Abuser to go on study w/woman & kids

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  • Elsewhere


    I know that "mentality" you are talking about. In one of the congregations that I attended there was a man who was convicted of raping a little girl. He converted to JWism while prison.

    I recall how all of us JWs were soooo upset that his "horrible" parole officer kept violating his freedom of worship by insisting that the child rapist could not go door-to-door.

    Excuse me while I go puke...

  • sf

    Poynter Online - Abuse Tracker
    ... They say accusations against Ralph Heroux, who is now 73, were kept from authorities
    and the congregation at the Kingdom Hall in Attleboro Falls, where he was ...
    www.poynter.org/dg.lts/id.46/aid.15917/column.htm - 27k - Oct 17, 2004 - Cached - Similar pages

    Saturday, January 4, 2003

    Abuse, coverup charged

    The Sun Chronicle


    ATTLEBORO -- A local woman and her male cousin are accusing the Jehovah's Witnesses of covering up allegations of sexual abuse they say they suffered at the hands of the woman's step-father in the late 1970s.

    They say accusations against Ralph Heroux, who is now 73, were kept from authorities and the congregation at the Kingdom Hall in Attleboro Falls, where he was a ministerial servant at the time, and in Seekonk, where he is now a member.

    Heroux, who is now remarried and lives in East Providence, pleaded innocent Thursday to two counts of rape of a child and three counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 in New Bedford Superior Court.

    He was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court again on Feb. 20. Judge John Connors ordered Heroux to have no contact with the alleged victims.

    `` The Jehovah's Witnesses covered it up for so long,'' said the Attleboro woman, who is now 36, married and has two young children.

    I strongly think that this communities newspaper needs to be let in on this news and REPORT IT.


  • sf

    ATTLEBORO CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, 88 Commonwealth Ave., 508-222-2403 -- Sunday, public discourse, 9:30 a.m.; Watchtower study, 10:45 a.m. For North Attleboro congregation: discourse, Sunday 1 p.m.; study, 1:55 p.m.


  • sf

    Incidently, why is a brother, let alone a convicted molester, conducting a study with this family dynamic instead of a sister?

    I don't understand this at all. Surely there are plenty of sisters who could study with this mother. Sure wish I knew if this mother knows of this mans convictions of molestation. How fast would she kick his butt out of her house?

    Seems I have some footwork to conduct here to protect this family of potential harm, since the Watchtower surely has no intentions of doing so! Someone simply MUST warn her.


  • DevonMcBride

    I hope that this piece of information will be the key to winning this case.


  • sf
    new congregation

    What congregation is he attending NOW? Is he still in Attleboro Falls?


  • hillbilly

    What's the chances of getting the names, numbers and adresses of the County prosecuter, a couple of judges, state representives, mayor, etc of the town he is in?

    This guy needs all the attention we can muster... and a writing /email/phone call barrage is just one way too do this.

    I'm in ! 'nuff said.


  • outbutnotdown

    Elsewhere's question is bravely answered with a resounding "YES!!!, they are f*cking morons".

    And it's not just because of the "obey" the father, "obey" the elder, "obey" the WTBTS...... the whole belief structure is to blame. Corvin, I think, will understand more than anyone what I speak of.

    Where the hell else in society would somebody get away with this?

    These f*cking elders would do anything to protect their own chidren, (assuming that they have a conscience) yet they pass it off as being more important to "save" people from this evil world as it is to protect the defenseless, the children from these predators.

    My in-laws (JW's) have tried to frame me for sexually assaulting my child, and in an effort to "prove" this they have done things to my daughter to make the false accusation look legit. Whether they are "guilty" of a criminal offense or not is for others to determine, if they choose to do so.

    But I went to an elder and told him flat out that I didn't respect their belief structure enough to be saying this to have my ex-mother-in-law punished through their disciplinary structure. I was, however, pleading with him to do whatever he could to protect my children. He went to speak to her and she said, "Mind your own business." He did. When the hell would they ever listen to a follower saying that? Never!!!! Unless it could tarnish the "society".

    We must all feel sorry for the WTBTS, for if my daughter was sexually assaulted by them, it would make them "look" bad. Pardon the language, but at what point do the f*cking a**holes realize that there is a victim here, and it's not the WTBTS!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

    Same with the victims in this case cited. These people forget about what happened to the victims. The guy spent time in prison. He must have been guilty of it, yet nothing is mentioned about that. His lawyer doesn't even state that he was wrongly accused. I was wrongly accused and I will die before I submit to my accusers. Yet that is not present here.


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda


    kls: I feel the same way about my grandchildren. JW's, Mormon's, the whole ilk can, and best stay FAR away from my grandchildren.

    happy dad: thank you so much for your honesty of how it used to be, being an elder. Sometimes I wish my BIL would give up his status, but then...oh well.

    One reason I stopped reading on this forum was because I'd always end of dreaming about JW's. and that is no fun. Gee, maybe I'm psychic because I had just dreamt that BIL was beginning to question the organization. {sorry, off topic}

    Protect our children, protect our children, protect our children....


  • JT

    "an elder in his new congregation was in the process of arranging for Heroux to conduct a bible study with a woman and her two small children"


    I'm not trying to say that this is untrue , but i find it hard to believe, due to the fact that sex is such a big thing in wt ( everyone is always viewed as ready to have sex with someone) so for an elder to make arrangement for a MAle to have a bible study with a woman, i personally find that hard to believe- perhaps the study is just with the boys and not the female

    i think that a few more details would be good on this story -

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