baptized at 12?

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  • rocky220

    I have very few regrets in my life , but one big mistake I must admit to is being allowed to baptize at the tender age of 12!

    Excuse my bluntness, but isn't it true that the average 12 yr old cant even grasp the general concept of body hygiene let alone making a mature decision to commit one's life and soul to serving God in the extreme manner the Borg dictates?????!!!!!!....Let me quit while I'm ahead...rocky220[from the can't rant and rave while at work class]

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    1967 for me at age 11 this was the year the 1975 chronology was released by the WT$

    I was trumatized and i balled by eyes out i was so scared.

    For one thing was all the naked men in the locker room and i undressed inside a locker for privacy.

    NOTHING i post is made up and curse all you jdubs who say so.

    [ If you can't take being baptized how can you take the great tribulation?]

    Rot in your grave forever Joe Rutherford for totally controlling every aspect of my family.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    After Jesus laid claim to his sovereign authority his first degree:Jesus laid out the great Christian commission Jehovah's witnesses and their bogus blasphemous baptism. It is an illegitimate abomination.. After his resurrection Jesus laid out the great Christian commission.He said," make disciples and baptize them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit ". This pledge is plain and simple.The Watchtower has, blasphemously bastardized (" borgadized" ) that sacred oath.They have ADDED ............"and to : Jehovah's 'organization' { watchtower cult }..see : Revelation 22:18 about adding anything to the sacred text naughty, naughty

  • one

    Tell your friend to think twice.

    First of all, the fact that the parent must approve the baptims tells to any reasonble person that something is not logical.

    Then show your friend the statitistics, the prrobability that the child will later leave the WT is very high.

    Then how is that going to affect their relationship?, Appeal to the emotional side if the logical argument does not seem to work.

    Must children don't know, are not sure, what their working career or kind of employment they are going to be seeking as adult, isn't that your case?.

    The kid is just emotionally attached to the WT and his parents. All religion seem an emotional feeling more than anything else.

    When a CO asked me the baptism questions I notice on his face that my answers did not satisfy him, but i got dunked anyway. My family was in the elite "circle" and a source of $ for the heavies.

    Take it from a member of the

    Regretfull baptized at 12 class

  • shotgun

    Scully..fantastic post using JW reasoning

    How open can you be in your statements to the mother? This will be the key in what you can and cannot say!

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