baptized at 12?

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  • pennycandy

    I'm considering what to say to a friend who's thinking about letting her 12 year-old get baptized.

    Okay, guys, let 'em rip!

  • minimus

    Tell her EVERYTHING that's wrong with JWs and say afterward, "I wouldn't let my 12 year old get baptized knowing what I know!".

  • catchthis

    1. Who's example should we closely follow?

    2. If 30 years of age was the perfect time for Jesus to be baptized, should we not also wait at least that long? Do you think Jesus might have been trying to establish a point of reference for the proper age of baptism for someone who would be raised in the truth as he was?

    Jesus taught the older men at the temple a thing or two before he was in his teens. That sort of teaching work is the main qualifier for becoming a baptized JW today - to be able to explain JW beliefs. So why wasn't Jesus baptized at an early age? There must have been a good reason, no? Maturity perhaps?

  • catchthis
    a friend who's thinking about letting her 12 year-old get baptized

    If the mother has to approve of them getting baptized, don't you think they are a little too young then? At what age is it acceptable for the child not to get approval first? Sounds like the mother is a little more worried about what the congregation will think rather than the spiritual interests the child may have.

  • Shutterbug
    I'm considering what to say to a friend who's thinking about letting her 12 year-old get baptized

    "Letting" her get baptized ?? I would assume that is what the girl wants, but what are her reasons for this decision? I suspect she is trying to please someone else and that is a poor reason for getting baptized at such a young age.

    I had a nephew baptized at the age of 11, df'd at around 20 or 21 and comitted suicide at the age of 29. Catchthis is right-- 30 would be a much better age. Bug

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    If the person is not old enough to drive, not old enough to drink, or not old enough to have sex consensually, or not old enough to make any other kind of well-informed decision, then they sure as hell aren't old enough to take on such a big responsibility as dedicating their life to God either!!!

    I just shook my head in utter disapproval the last assembly I attended when they announced a 5-year old child had gotten baptized. While the whole crowd was clapping loudly I was just shaking my head and making nasty faces of disgust.

    Crazy idiots!!!


  • catchthis

    Last reply, I promise.

    Continuing with what DY said, the JW's say that the greatest life decision is the one to get baptized - even greater than getting married. If that's the case, then this little 12 year old child should also be ready for marriage I assume? I mean, c'mon, this child is mentally mature enough to serve God for the rest of their life right? It is the greatest life altering decision they will ever make(according to JW's) so this means that they should also be allowed to date and to find a marriage partner, correct? Or am I all wrong in my reasoning?

    I hope you have enough ammo to take to your friend now.

  • pennycandy

    Great comments, keep em coming.

    It's not the dedication to God that I consider the problem. It's the fact that once you're an "official" lifetime member, you can't just walk away. You've agreed to play by their rules for the rest of your life. And the only way to break free is the df/da/fade route. It's sad when an adult makes that decision and then wishes he hadn't. But a child has no idea what it means, other than it's just what you do to show your love for Jehovah, or sometimes just because your friends are doing it, or because of pressure from others.

    It's a non-retractable, lifelong commitment you can't get out of easily. No matter what religion my children one day decide to be, they're going to have to be adults to commit to anything.

  • pennycandy


    I have more ammo than I could possibly throw. But it's great to have all the different posters' words and points and experiences to choose from to develop my viewpoint.

    Great point about Jesus' age at baptism.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    non-refundable jesus myth for which she will pay for the rest if her life.

    Ciountry Girl

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