How Spiritual Are You? -- A 20-question true/false test from TIME magazine

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  • jgnat
    Another test for hypnotisability is: Look up as high as you can. How much of the whites of your eyes are showing - the more white, the more hypnotisable.

    That is a trick question! If I am looking as high as I can, how can I see the whites of my eyes?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I scored 6. Yes, that's somewhat right about my character.


  • Gopher

    It's impossible to create a universal "spirituality" test. Spirituality is in the eye of the beholder. The originator of the test has his own slant on things, obviously!

    Still it's interesting to see the cross-section of responses that came from this board.

    JW's would say they're the least materialistic and most spiritual of anyone. Yet on this test, as a whole, I would bet they would score somewhere in the middle. [Unless they taught these points in the Theocratic Misery School and then gave them a 'written review', then they'd know which answers to give!!]

  • darkuncle29


    I don't think I'm that spiritual. I am absentminded sometimes, but to me that is just because what is going on around me just isn't important enought to matter, I'm focused elsewhere. I didn't really like or relate to these questions, too pigeon holed. I'm also not conected to people, more to nature. I do not believe that being "out of it" makes one spiritual, as I tend to think that being more aware is what makes one spiritual.

  • jgnat

    I rated average. Truth be known, if I met this person on the street, I would be tempted to slug 'em. As soon as they said, "I feel so connected to you, the flowers, the trees, the sky......SLUG."

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