Oh my poor Red Sox and my Broken Heart

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  • confusedjw

    I really thought this would be the year.

    George has purchased and All-Star hitting team and the Yankees. No pitching can stop them.

    Damn Evil Empire.

    And now Pedro will end up a Yankee next year on top of it all.

    I'm going to sulk about this and be miserable for a while.

    - Red Sox Nation

  • integ


    Cheer up. They won last night. If any team could come back from a 3-0 deficit, it's these Red Sox. The Yankees are tired now. There's still hope. Could they win tonight? Yes. Then the series goes back to New York where Schilling and Pedro could easily rebound. Rarely do these guys have two bad games in a row. The Yankee bats were spent when they scored those 19 runs the other night. I would be optimistic if I were you.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I'm starting to believe the Red Sox are cursed and will not win the World Series ever again.

    I sure would love to see them win.


  • confusedjw

    Integ - Thank you for encouraging words, but I can only assume you are not an actual Red Sox fan or are a new Red Sox fan. Think of it as being in a relationship like Lucy and Chuck and the football.

    Never in the history of the baseball has a team come back from 3-0.

    The Curse got Shilling's ankle. I'm sure that the Babe Ruth tripped him in that Angels game.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Very long game I hear ..last night.

    12 innings? ... wow..

    Lets hope the red soxs can hang on and bit them yankees tonight.

    I'll wear my red sox hat for good luck.

    Special K

  • tresbella


  • Gopher
    I really thought this would be the year.

    It still could be "the year", the series isn't over yet. However, Cubs and Red Sox fans should know better.

    George has purchased an All-Star hitting team and the Yankees.

    They have a formidable lineup, no doubt. So do the St. Louis Cardinals, who didn't exactly grow their team in the minor league. One thing about Yankees' manager Joe Torre, he's a skilled chemist who knows how to get these guys to play as a TEAM and to use them in the right spots. "George" is fortunate to have such a skilled field general.

    No pitching can stop them.

    Minnesota Twins pitcher Johan Santana beat N.Y. in game 1 of the AL Division Series, and shut them down for 5 innings of game 4. Good pitching CAN stop good hitting.

    Damn Evil Empire.

    It seems like it, doesn't it? Torre has the boys playing nearly error-free baseball. Yet the Yankees CAN be beat in the postseason, as both the Twins and the Red Sox have shown.

    And now Pedro will end up a Yankee next year on top of it all.
    Are you sure? The Yankees had a chance to sign David Ortiz (last night's hero for the Red Sox) when he was a free-agent. George Steinbrenner was in favor, but GM Brian Cashman was against it. Eventually Ortiz stayed in Boston. So who knows?
  • detective
    The Yankees are tired now.

    Yes, no doubt the Yankees are wiped out after the repeated spankings they've been giving to the hometown boys. I'll be in the Fenway area tonight (just passing through, not at the game). Despite all the excitement of being a stones throw away from the green monster, the mobs of people, the traffic jamming Kenmore square, the scalper guy saying, "got tickets? Whose selling tickets?", the "still we believe" signs...

    I don't. I don't believe. Not really. I'd like to believe. But I don't, I don't, I don't.

    Even the Citgo sign is wounded.


  • foreword

    Records get broken at one time or another.

    The Red Sox are in a tight bind and of course tonight's game is crucial. However, if the Sox win tonight, they'll have the wind in their sail. I think the fact that the Yankees won 3 easy games where the Sox were almost...well...not there, might play against them.

    Don't forget, the Sox were pretty hot at the end of the season, almost unstopable, it can happen, although I realize their backs are against the wall....but if they win tonight...watch out Yankees.

  • Preston

    Baseball is only a game...unless you're a red sox fan.

    What a lot of people here fail to comprehend is that the red sox have not won a world series since the 19-teens. Sure, the cubs and white sox have gone longer, but....unlike those teams, the red sox have been close REPEATEDLY, only to lose by that...small....little...hair. But I also think being a red sox fan only builds character in a person since red sox fans REALLY appreciate what it means in win a game...who knows, maybe if and when they win the fall classic, the whole die hard red sox loyalty will fly out the window. It would be nice to see them beat the yankees though...

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