apostate inaccuracies

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  • candidlynuts

    granted i havent been to the kh in years. but when i did several talks dealt with how apostates lie about the wtbs, the apostates make up stuff and attribute the quotes to wtbs. apostates all have evil intentions of taking god away from you. (you all heard this?)

    k i've been here a year.and although i've seen a few things that were far out and kinda grasping at straws to blame the wtbs for the most part 99% of what i've read seem reliable..

    are ya'll lyin to me? trying to take god away from me? you plottin on me?(all said tongue in cheek lol)

  • iiz2cool

    Yep, we're plottin against you. We're all going to gehenna and want you there with us.


  • AlanB

    I had the same experience.

    I had been conditioned to suspect all apostate material as being lies to the point that even after about 3-4 years out I still feared looking at them.

    I was initially put off by what I termed 'Hate Sites' by people that obviously had a grudge and wheeled out the same old stuff about the miracle wheat and trying to prove the trinity, John 1:1 etc... heard it all before.

    Then I came across sites such as this one and Randy's site and found some very well researched material and well written life experiences. I believe that as we are accused of producing lies, we have an added responsibility to ensure that all JW related stuff we post is well researched and balanced. A newly interested person <g> may be put off by something that has innaccuracies as this would only reenforce the message that it is all lies.

    From these sites and some of the books I have read I am now convinced that:-

    - The WTS is just another religion
    - They are not inspired or guided by God, proof being their handling of child abuse issues.
    - There are massive flaws in their chronology (1914) and have clearly cooked the chronological books
    - Rutherford took control of and used for his own ends the WT and was not the spiritual brother we were led to believe
    - The whole thing has become a Totalitarian Theocracy of a scale not seen since Stalin
    - Their massive prophetic failures and doctrinal knots result in their constantly shoring up their doctrine
    - The internet will make these truths evident to more and more people and is having an impact.


  • Gretchen956

    Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket???


  • kwintestal

    You know Candidly, that's something I, as a JW never understood (of course now I'm out I do). But you always are taught that apostates LIE, LIE, LIE. Then you're given examples of some of these lies. Well, I consider myself to be an intelligent person. I've studied WT doctrine for 25 years. If this person is going to lie to me, well, I'll know it's a lie BECAUSE I can PROVE it is a lie from all this wonderful information that the WT gives me!

    Turns out they weren't lieing. It was the other way around.


  • Nosferatu

    I was never really scared of the whole Apostate thing. I always wondered what the other side of the story was since things didn't seem completely right in the JW religion.

  • drwtsn32

    Curious about what apostates are saying? You shouldn't taste poison to test it! It'll kill you!

  • kwintestal
    You shouldn't taste poison to test it! It'll kill you!

    But nothing like an anecdote to cure what ails you.


  • candidlynuts

    i dont remember reading anything about a handbasket and gehenna in the terms of service when i joined here..has there been an addition ? am i going to hell because of fine print?

    lemme outta here!! do you know what heat does to my plumage?!

  • Mary
    several talks dealt with how apostates lie about the wtbs, the apostates make up stuff and attribute the quotes to wtbs. apostates all have evil intentions of taking god away from you.

    What I always find interesting (or nauseating) about all the talks on how apostates "make up lies" and tell "half-truths" is how they NEVER mention specifically what it is that "apostates" actually say short of something like "they say it's not important to go out and preach this Good News of the Kingdom", but that's about it. It's all very vague and even when I was a believing Dub, I used to think "okay, what exactly is it that these apostates are saying?" So actually, it was their own words, or lack of words that got me to "stray" and read "The Orweillian World of Jehovah's Witnesses". The rest is history.

    Now that I know the truth about "the Truth", it's obvious why they won't mention specifics. Can't you just see an article in the WT saying "apostates will tell you that Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BCE, not 607 BCE" or "apostates will tell you that thousands of our brothers and sisters in Malawi in the 1960s all died horrible, needless deaths due to one member of the Governing Body changing his vote on whether they should be allowed to carrying Party Cards."..........

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