What languages do you speak?

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  • LittleToe

    Rachel:That's the guy!
    I grinned from ear to ear, the first time I saw him in a Wild West movie.
    I had previously had him typecast.

  • Princess

    John Hillerman. I had to look him up.

  • Mulan
    Higgins was the caretaker of Mr Masters' estate. He also played his half brothers in several episodes...a Texan, an Irish priest and I think there was another. Mulan has all the episodes memorized so she'll fill in the rest.

    The other one was Don Miguel Higgins, a Latin American half brother. **embarrassed because I love Magnum..............actually, I love Hawaii**

  • Wolfgirl

    "So how come we don't see any US males playing the role of an English man?" Coz Englishmen are just too damn good to be replaced? :D

  • Leolaia

    Yup...I lived in Hawaii and I've even been to the house they filmed Magnum PI at (back in 1982), and met those (sissy) dogs...:)

  • kls

    I can speak English and i am fluent in speaking backwards. It was not taught to me it is just something that comes to me naturally. For instance you can take your grass out and mow your mower or i am going to get a drawer out of my shirt. It's just a gift.

  • SYN

    I've actually had a weird linguistic history. I started out speaking Afrikaans (a South African dialect of Hoge Hollandsch, or Dutch) as a kid, and didn't speak a word of English until I was about 8, when due to circumstances I had to attend an English school. That sure was fun, not understanding a frikking word the teachers were saying! But I was young, so I learnt English pretty quickly.

    Over the years I've had loads of exposure to other languages too, enough for me to be able to read some dialects of German, and speak really crappy Dutch...I'd like to learn French too, that could be fun

    On the plus side, I can make phone calls back home to Johannesburg in total private, even when surrounded by people in my office If they can keep up with my machine-gun Afrikaans, I'll give 'em a medal

  • outnfree

    English, French, Mallorquin (a Spanish dialect spoken on the Balearic Island of Mallorca), y estudio espanol. I have the same problem when speaking Spanish as the poster above who lapses into his/her father's dialect when conversing in Italian. I slip into the Mallorquin or substitute French words. lol And when I write Spanish, I'm forever putting an accent grave on "a" where there is none! I love the study of language! I had two years of high school German, too, and will take that up again as I want to be a high school language teacher when I grow up.

    (Craig -- no WONDER Kate married you! )


  • czarofmischief

    english. Some spanish (la lengua de la futura)

    I know a little Latin, a little German, and can read a French paragraph if I have a dictionary for some of the words. Of course, couldn't we all? I guess that doesn't count.Yes, Euros need to learn more languages. Obviously. You never know WHO will be invading you next week


  • Athanasius

    English, Latin, and trying to learn Russian.

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