What languages do you speak?

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  • Pole

    hebrew isn't indo-european. :)

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

  • Euphemism

    Ach, dangit... you're right, of course, Pole.

    Another lame joke ruined.

  • Kenneson

    My native tongue is Cajun French, but I'm just as fluent in English. I took a course in Spanish some time ago and can read and understand it better than I can speak it. Studied Latin years ago and can still read it (somewhat).

  • Narkissos

    Mostly French. I have not learnt anything else early enough to use it nearly as naturally as my mother tongue.

    But, then, I have a reasonable practice in English, Spanish and Portuguese. And Biblical Hebrew and Greek on the ancient side.

    I can understand Italian pretty easily and painstakingly make my way through written German, Latin or Aramaic. I took courses in Syriac and Ugaritic but they are just distant memories. And I have some (mostly culinary) notions of Iranian Farsi

  • BrendaCloutier

    Native Amurrikan speaker, West Coast. Hable espanola ristorante, y poquito mas. A few words of French, but I have good pronuciation due to my Cdn Fr. stepdad. A very small smattering of german, nothing I can put together in a sentence.

    Leoleia, I thought you might be Hawai'ian. Where from in the Islands?

    Hugs y'all


  • Insomniac

    Fluent American-English, with a smattering of French, Spanish, Greek, and Latin, mostly just enough to order food, ask for the restroom, and swear.

    I'm great at picking up phrases from other languages, and have an ear for pronunciation, but little patience for learning the entire language; English is the only language spoken in my area, so I would not get much chance to practice anything else I'd learned.

  • LittleToe

    English is my mother-tongue, though I picked up a fair amount of Scot's Gaelic mainly in the playground (as only a few phrases were spoken in the home).
    I had a little French at school.
    I'm learning Koine Greek, and intent to move on to Attika, later.

    I tend to pick up phrases when I travel, in the local accent, and at that level know a few words in Swahili, Chinese, Modern Greek, and Italian (a la Joey in Friends ).


    So how come we don't see any US males playing the role of an English man?

    What about the bulter in "Magnum PI"?
    He's American.

  • frenchbabyface

    French (as my mothertong language)
    English (as a very used langage _ but not really fluent)


    Dutch of neederland (was fluent-talking as a kid and now just can't read it anymore or even speak it without mixing english and stuff but can still understand a few thing when said in "platflam's" accent the one I was used to from 3 to 9)

    Itialian (learned it in school, still can tell a few things but never used it and probably will lose it for good)

    Also I'd really like to learn Spanish (with the south american accent sound fun ... maybe not easy ... will see if I can meet people who talk it, it would be the best way for me to learn it)

  • Mutz

    I speak a little French. More and more Italian (learning it right now)
    A few words in Norwegian Swedish and Icelandic, oh and some filthy
    Russian swear words. :)
    English I speak proper what like I was learned in school! :)

  • Princess
    My 8 year old grandson is going to take Spanish this year. He said something like "it should be easy. I learned English pretty easily".

    Gotta love that boy. That's hilarious, I didn't know he said that.

    He starts today. I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping he behaves as well as learns...

    I speak English and that's all.

    Ross: Higgins on Magnum PI and he wasn't the butler. Higgins was the caretaker of Mr Masters' estate. He also played his half brothers in several episodes...a Texan, an Irish priest and I think there was another. The actor is Texan. Mulan has all the episodes memorized so she'll fill in the rest.

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