The Black & White Thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses---Are You Still Affected?

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  • SAHS


    . . . the thinking may still be deeply ingrained in them and they tend to not only say things that most people would say are one-sided but they also deeply believe they are always right.

    I think that?s the key?it?s not just a matter of black or white but about always being right (or at least believing you?re right).

    A good example of this from the WT perspective is their view on organ transplants. It is (or at least has been) a black/white issue, but as we know, it has flip-flopped. When it was acceptable and also when it was not, it was still a black/white issue, but the important thing, according to the WT, is that they were always right at the time. (I guess they still see themselves as supposedly ?right? during the time when organ transplants were not acceptable and people were dying because they needed one.)

    I suppose the real thing is being open-minded?and being in an environment which allows one that ?luxury.?


  • minimus

    Dawn, I totally agree with your liberterian principles......SAHS, you are right. The Society's NEVER wrong!

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Referring back to Markfromcali's comment about Koan, here's a definition:

    Koan literarily translated means "A public document". It refers to a statement made by a Master to a student of Zen or a discussion or dialogue between Master and student. The purpose of a Koan is to open the mind and perception to the truth. Koans are questions or riddles designed as instruments by the Zen Master to aid the student in finding the truth behind the everyday images of reality.

    Nice comparison to Minimus' question(s) Mark.

    I agree!

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