The Black & White Thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses---Are You Still Affected?

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  • minimus

    Yes, I think some tend to be more B&W than others in their mindset. Couple that with becoming a Witness and the result will be that you'll become a judgmental individual.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Now that Min, would be me. That judgemental thing.

    One day the thought finally came to me {slow learner that I am} about being so damn judgemental of others. I really didn't like what I saw within, but it also took a long time to associate such negative thinking with my JW rearing.

    Truthfully I would walk around in my usual mind whizzing thoughts about everything (neurotic too), and question myself as to how I had become that way. And then the got brighter. It was having been raised in a environment where everyone is judged. It just doesn't make any difference who/what it is...Jw's will judge one way or another.

    At that time in my life a good friend reminded me that I did need to make judgement calls about whom I'd associate with. So, it is about learning balance between the then and the now. I'm still quick to make judgements of others, but hopefully quicker to dismiss much of my own bs before it takes root, again.

    I am probably my worst enemy because now I know and understand that I am responsible - it cannot matter how I was raised. And sometimes I think I'm just too damn old to care about being politically correct - which is definetly being judgemental. Or, is it just being strongly opinionated.


  • Love, Me
    Love, Me

    YES! And it drives me batty! Sometimes I wish I could have that part of my brain erased - the indoctrination that goes so deep. For me it's not really a judgemental thing - I've always been pretty accepting of other people, even as a dub. It's the fear factor. The idea that why even try, it's all going to burn, it's never good enough, don't mess up or you're toast...

    God! My #1 ambition is to NEVER put that kind of crap into my kid's heads. I want them to believe in God without all the negative end of the world garbage fears that I have to fight in my mind every day.

  • Markfromcali

    You know it just goes to show how violent black and white thinking is. I mean you don't walk up to someone you first meet and go "love me or hate me! which??" (hmm, that does sound like a Watchtower article or something though)

  • minimus

    Most JWs HAVE to think either something is right or it is wrong. There's no in between. There's no wiggle-room. No "real" conscience to involve. For example saying, "ALL "R" rated movies are bad to see" is part of the JW mindset. If it's an "R"---it's no good, unacceptable. If a person thinks in this way for years or even decades, they might get out of the religion but the thinking may still be deeply ingrained in them and they tend to not only say things that most people would say are one-sided but they also deeply believe they are always right.

  • freedom96

    I never was really "fired up" about being a witness. I was basically born into it, knew nothing else. I never really was judgmental though, but even more so as I get older, I tend to let everyone do their own thing, without me judging them. Who am I to do that anyway?

  • minimus

    "Who am I do that anyway?"-----You got it! That's the bottom line!!!!

  • pc

    Freedom96 and I sound pretty similar. Born in, never judged anyone and still don't. I try to walk in everyone's shoes first. Let me not judge unless I want to be judged in return(and I don't).

  • minimus

    Freedom and PC, Spoken like a true Christian!

  • dawn27

    I find that I am not as judgemental toward people in general. After dealing with the elders, though, I have very little tolerance for arrogance and people feeling that they have 'power' over the lives of others. Like Mulan, I see alot of that in George W. right now. Pointless, arbitrary rules bother me more now that I am out.. For example, getting pulled over and getting a fine for going just 10 miles over the speed limit or having to show my liscence and give my phone number to buy Sudafed the other day. Little things like that irk me now more than they use to,, I have never tried cannabis before, but the fact that they can get people hooked on oxycontin and loopy on ativan at the hospital and ticket you for possessing a less harmful pain reliever seems hypocritical. I have more appreciation for diversity and variety, but less tolerance for any kind of hypocrisy or "controlling" behavior.

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