Why do many religious people dislike non-religious people?

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  • heathen

    gretchen --- thanks for elaborating on that . I agree .

    The taking prayer out of school was a result of a suit brought by the athiest lady (I think) that disappeared, can't remember her name.

    I remember this story as well . I think the case was solved when they found the remains of her body in a shallow grave . She was murdered over a couple million dollars . can't think of her name but she was known as a very nasty person and not someone who stood out as far as promoting atheism but for her law suit .

    These religionists want to see prayer in school and teaching of the gospel as part of the ciriculum in public schools and the only people that take it seriously are the atheists . I strongly believe that religion is part of the private sector and should not be funded by the school system as education . They do teach evolution in public schools but I think they should also include the facts in counter point instead of just insisting it's fact . It is a " theory " that remains unproven . I also don't think it proper to have children praying around a flag pole . The country does have a sepperation of church and state in the constitution and people like Pat Robertson are always trying to convince the public it's not there .

  • under74

    Madalyn Murray O'Hair--the name of the woman you're talking about.

  • Gretchen956

    YES that is the woman's name! Thanks!


  • Princess

    It's a threat to their belief system.

    I wouldn't say that Steve and I are non-religious and Steve is definitely more religious than I am. However, I think that is the reason we are treated so poorly by the Baptist Church behind our house. We obviously are not church attenders and we have no problem calling them and ranting at their behavior, or marching over and doing it personally.

    I notice that many of my church-going acquaintances are just not comfortable with me. I can't keep silent about certain beliefs when they are brought up and it makes them think. I had a really good friend whose number one reason for attending church again after many years of not, was because she wanted to expose her young (under 5 at the time) children to hell so they would be afraid of taking drugs. I pointed out that it didn't work with her, she still became a user and major abuser who spent a good amount of time in rehab. She said it was her fear of going to hell that made her quit. I then tried to reason with her, using the bible and got no where. She HAD to believe. This was all taking place during a four hour car trip to a weekend holiday with our kids. It was the beginning of the end. I threatened her belief system and we haven't been able to maintain a friendship since...

  • Mary
    I've noticed that usually when someone who is very religious finds out that I am an atheist, they become very agitated even though I never actually said anything negative about their religion.

    Elsewhere, they're probably pissed off because you don't say your Vacation Prayers anymore and they still have to.

  • ThiChi

    Why do many non-religious people dislike religious people?

    I see secularism more "on the attack"than religion (in the US)....

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