Question regarding your faith in God or not.

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  • Satanus
    I came away with is we view things from a time reference that does not exisit with God.

    Well then, why do we have cop, ambulence and fire fighting services? We should try to see these puny human disasters from the point of view of god. Obviously, his way is better, no? Let the cops go around once a day to remove bodies and collect the perps. Ambulences can do likewise. If people survive, then they don't even need to go. Firefighters aren't needed at all, cus people are going to rebuild anyway.

    After being dfd for apostasy, i spent about 2 yrs in pentle type churches. I also did heavy bible/church/history research at the same time. It was when the contradictions were manifested to me that i could no longer accept any of it for what it was claimed to be. Where is god without the bible? Where is jesus without the bible? They have to start proving themselves, even the very basic, their existence. No proof? Oh well.


  • Markfromcali

    BTW to address the analogy, I will say love is it's own point of reference. This is not the same as some idea about love or anything, even if that might be an attempt at describing it, but it isn't out of a belief that you want to help someone. I think you might want to clarify what it is you mean about the no time reference thing. God is certainly not ignorant of the perspective of living in time is he?

  • gumby
    gumby ghandimeister you!!!

    Where is god without the bible? Where is jesus without the bible? They have to start proving themselves, even the very basic, their existence. No proof? Oh well.

    That was a good observation. Without the bible, there would be no jesus or ( bible type ) god.

    It seems a little odd that god always reveals himself to certain individuals, or through a book claimed to be authored by him.

    Even if Romans 1:20 were true, without the bible, how would mankind know god created these things?


  • pc

    What I sometimes find so amazing here, is the degree of putting somone down for thier views or questions. It's like the old JW in some of you rears it's ugly head. Maybe it just appears that way because were all just typing words. I certainly don't think I'm special or something. All I know is, my life feels right that's all. I'm not passing judgement on anyones beliefs or thoughts. I was just asking a question. pc

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    It seems a little odd that god always reveals himself to certain individuals,

    I don't think so - many people prefer to 'have their way' with others because they hear the truth and don't like it - would you like to be crucified, again.

    Is it not a hangover of jwism, and fundamentalism, that God isn't meek but rather a big bully boss - an image of a beast ?

  • Satanus


    Did you find my post to be a put down? If so, was there a part or all of it?


  • Corvin

    While there are some, even on this board, that wear their "spirituality" on their sleaves and often say things that draw attention to it, as if to say, "hey, look how spiritual I am!", I simply cannot profess to be spiritual or a Christian. I do acknowledge the existence of a creator, a higher power, but do not presume to know or understand anything more. Whatever thoughts or insights I might gain are so filled with holes, just like everybody elses, that I get ill if I try to pretend like I understand God and his purposes, and roll my eyes at those who say they do understand. The fantasy does not always end when you leave the organization.

    That's just me tho,


  • pc

    S I'm not sure if your being satirical or sincere. Maybe I just don't understand the different personalities here. I'll try to be less sensitive with everyones responces.

    Markfromcali My time reference was in this regard, if you tell an infant "wait 5 minutes then we'll go" do you thing he understands? No he doesn't. In that regard, couldn't the same thing reply to God?

  • Mulan

    I do believe in god but not the Bible.

    Never went to another church after leaving the JW's. My feeling is they are all pretty much the same. Nothing so far, has changed my mind on that issue. I have two daughters in law and one son who go to church regularly, and their religions just validate that all the more. It's "us and them"............believers and non believers. Abhorrent to me.

  • Undecided

    So many religions are a farce, how do you determine one that is truly honest? If there is a God, why wouldn't he identify his true religion so we wouldn't be led down the wrong path? If God really cared whether we worshiped him or not why doesn't he give us a little help in finding him? All we have is some person or institution saying they have found God with no evidence to prove anything. Why is one person's view any better than another's view? I will continue to look but don't really expect to find anything that will convince me that God is active in this life. Do any of you have any real evidence other than a feeling fed by emotions?

    Ken P.

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