The lords prayer

by Tim Horton 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Flash
    If there isn't a new system, then what does that mean?

    Well, God's Kingdom on the earth was a future reality to Jesus, so when he listed it as one of the priorities for us to pray for (Lord's Prayer) he meant it to be real to us also. Humanity is never going to fix itself, plus, God never intended for us to live and govern ourselves totaly apart from Him. So, the New System is a coming reality and something for us to look forward too!

  • JamesThomas

    Hypnotized by religious and other unquestioned beliefs we limit God's Presence to some future space and time.

    Could it be that the true Source of all things is not so tiny as to be far away, and the "Kingdom" is here already?

    We permeate ourselves with ideas, beliefs and scriptures to fill the void left in God's absence, when all along there is no absence, just all this shit which blinds us.

    Isn't it far more likely that the limitation and absenteeism is ours, rather than Gods?


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