Been away, I'm back.

by CC Ryder 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • butalbee


  • Lostreality

    Welcome Back!

  • patio34

    Hi CC! It's good to see you again! Please tell Tink hello too!


  • onacruse

    Hey there CC Yes, it has been awhile, but:

    I've just been wrapped up in work, and family.

    There ya go!

    Best to you and yours.


  • LittleToe

    wb CC and Butalbee

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Wow, thank you all for a real nice welcome back!!! Tink has had a rough time for the past 8 months or so with her health. She suffered with pain starting in her back then after a few months with that, the pain spread into her right arm and down to her fingers. Then finally to her right leg and toes. All the while she underwent Tests up the wazoo. Two months ago she got the results of an MRI she had on her neck (finally one of the doctors figured out the source) and that revealed a severely herniated disc in her 6th and 7th vertibrea in her neck. She had surgery this past tuesday and is recovering. They removed the disc, put a bone graft in, and a steel plate with 4-screws, to fuse it together. She'll have fun at airports from now on...LOL. She is one tough cookie. I'm taking real good care of her. Spoiling her rotten (As if I didn't before...LOL)

    I really appreciate you all welcoming my return!!

    I'll keep you posted on Tink's progress. She say's Hey to all Y'all.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Well I sure hope Tink recovers quickly!

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