Demons and feathers

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  • Narkissos

    Brummie's thread about "unwritten prophecies" made me think more broadly about unwritten stuff among JWs. This one is not a prophecy, sounds more like a "urban legend".

    There were stories circulating among French JWs in the 70's about people suffering of some unexplained illness, until strange demonic "artworks" were discovered in the feathers of their pillows. Some were almost dying as the "work" was almost completed. When the pillows were burnt the people were instantly cured (no kidding).

    I remember an elderly "sister" telling such stories one night. My younger stepsister was scared, and when she went to bed she naturally heard noise in her pillow. I took her pillow in my room and everybody slept all right.

    Some time later, my stepmother was ill (actually she had a serious depression but would not admit it as it sounded "unspiritual"). One day she had my father take out all the pillows in the house and open them to find out if there was something abnormal (there wasn't).

    Many years later, I happened to mention this to a friend of mine who was reared in a Pentecostal family (his father was a pastor). He stared at me and told me he had heard exactly the same stories in his church. (Quite funny when you think of how JWs and Pentecostals consider each other.)

    Ever heard of something similar?

  • candidlynuts

    only thing i can think of were all the talks about records being played backwards and the evil demonic sublminal messages in them. i still dont know of anyone who got the devil from Queen...

  • Wolfgirl

    I remember one family where I used to live in the US, saying that they heard a heartbeat in their bed, and the husband took an axe to it. *rolls eyes* Apparently, some weird junk oozed out of it. They swore it was demons.

    Yeah, OK. Demons ooze when you chop them up with axes.

    They neglected to realise that when it's really quiet, and you're laying down with your ear flattened on the pillow, you can hear your blood pumping. Well, at least I can. *shrugs*

    They were strange anyway. They got mad at me because I finally had enough of their mentally-unstable son threatening to rape and kill me, and I reported him to the police. The elders told me to consider the source. I WAS considering the source. He was a violent person.

  • under74

    I remember a lot of stories about smurfs, E.T., and Ouija boards. I also remember one story about a couple who's child was having nightmares every night until one day they decided to strip the wallpaper in the childs had somekind of paisley design on it. Anyway, as they took the wallpaper off a demon came out. There is another one I remember about a witness family having things happen in their home like the whole house shaking suddenly and hearing voices. So they had an elder come to their house and he looked for whatever he thought was the source of the demons and found that in the back of a wood bookcase there was a "demonic" carving that the family had never seen.

  • Sunnygal41

    Narkissos, when I saw the title to this thread, I just HAD to check it out, as I collect feathers of all kinds.............hmmmmmmmmmm, I never heard any similar stories, nor do I have any problems.........I think that JW's experience these things because they've been soooo frightened by all the emphasis on the subject, and, their mind creates sounds and other things in some twisted psychological home if full of "idols" and other "demonic" objects and I have NO problems whatsoever.


  • LittleToe

    That's a new one on me.
    Funny though

    I always struggled with the idea of why spirit creatures would limit themselves to squeezing themselves into books, T.V.s, second-hand articles, and other paraphenalia.

    It brings fresh meaning to Flat Stanley - LOL.

  • Princess
    It brings fresh meaning to Flat Stanley - LOL.


    Nope, never heard of demonic feathers. Garage sale items...yep, smurfs...yep. Good story though.

  • Narkissos

    Thanks everybody for the responses!

    Obviously this one belongs exclusively to the French. I still find it amazing that the same stories were circulated both among JWs and Pentecostal circles, as there is no direct connection between them. Probably something similar to the international (and written) theories about backward subliminal messages in rock, which the JWs got from other fundies.

    On the other hand, as far as I remember, the smurf stuff never came across to us (at least before 86). Was it ever written? I think I just heard this once in Bethel, and it was not taken seriously at all.

  • under74

    Narkissos- I don't think it (smurfs being demonized) was ever written in any JW literature. I remember hearing about it from some Witness cousins and then later hearing other witnesses talk about it.

  • LDH

    What's really funny is the way the deeminz only inhabit second hand items....LOL.

    Not discriminating shoppers, are they? was at an EWF concert.

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