Down and out.....

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  • BluesBrother

    Consider it done, that we remember to send a prayer for Morton and her Gran . I am so sorry, I know how it felt when my own mother was in that situation ((((((((((((((((((((Morton))))))))))))))))))))

  • Sassy

    I'm sorry Morty.. I'll keep good thoughts for you hoping things improve.. I haven't found my ability to pray for sometime but I can work hard for mind positive thoughts..

    My aunt died last night (my dad's youngest sister) from a heart attack. She was only 60. It's come as a huge shock to us. I've been pretty upset.. and alas haven't the money to fly home which is making it even harder..

  • seeitallclearlynow


    I hope your nana recovers soon Morty. I'm sorry to hear this.

  • frenchbabyface

    (((Morty and Nana)))

    I hope things will turn out to be OK ... bests wishes

  • morty

    Thank you all so much guys......Sorry it has taken me so long to post back, but I have been at the hospital 24/7. Nothing much has changed. Nana is still in ICU, which makes it tough to go and see her when ever we want. Only one person and family memeber at a time aloud in the room.There has been an awful amount of damage to the heart the doctor said.We will not know the full about of damge till some more tests are done. She is too week right now to have them.Anyways, thanks again for your support as it does mean alot to me.

    Not only am I dealing with this but now I am on my to the vet before I go back to the hospital. It seems our Simease cat was hit by a car last night and I believe something is broken. We will see what the vet say's but I think he may have broken his hip. He is not walking at all and just dragging his legs behind him.

    If there is a god out there, please give me strength to carrie on today......

  • Sassy

    oh man.. like you don't have enough going on.. your poor cat!!

    Sorry Nana isn't doing better.. I know this is difficult for you..

    Love you, Sassy

  • justhuman

    I will pray for my sympathy

  • frenchbabyface

    Carry on and take care sweety ... (of you too) ...

  • LittleToe


  • morty

    a little update.....

    My nana as been moved out of ICU now. She is stable but still criticul. The rollar coaster ride as certainly been hectic lately but I really know how much my family depends on me now. My poor dad as been a mess as he just lost his father not to long ago and it does not make it any easyer when there are JW's coming in every other day bugging us.

    This JW thing is really getting to me. These people have no interest in helping us or relieving us from the hospital.Their many objective is to make sure we don't give nana any blood if the situation arises. as from as I can tell, there just looking for the big pay out for when she passes. The hole thing makes me bloody sick!

    I was actually asked to leave the waiting room as I could not restrain myself any longer and gave them a piece of my mind.I f**king finally lost it on them and did it every feel good.They have not been into see her or us for that matter since it happened up untill today. They sent the CO in today. I basically told him to get the hell out as well before my dad knew that he was there. All they do is try to make my mom and dad feel guilty and royally pi** me off.

    So that's it for now....Thanks for your thoughts and pms....It really does make me feel better...

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