Unwritten prophecies of JWs,

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  • foreword

    One thing I never understood is why they didn't move the fall of Jerusalem to 587 BC. It would've been easy for them to present it as new light, and given them an extra 20 years to play with. Sure it would've been a major new light, but hey, if it came from the GB, it must be true.

  • lawrence

    The reason The Slaves couldn't move the 607 BCE date was it was the kingpin in a house of cards. The other reason they couldn't go to the 587/586 BCE date is they would have to reissue flashcards and that would be bad PR. Almost like the Java language spec. - write once, run anywhere. Freddie Franz had more imagination (delusions) than Charlie Manson.

  • mkr32208

    I love the catch 22 game that they play if you leave and do well satan's helping you if you leave and do bad gods punishing you... ugh

    Of course the witlessess havent cornered the market on stupid either I know a young man who left the witlesses and became a satanist. I asked him "dude WTF" and he said satan gave him "powers" I asked him to elaborate, he said he could start fires... I showed him my lighter (used for work, I don't smoke) and gave him a demonstration of my "powers" I furthur explained that the Bic coorporation required no human sacrifice... He remained unimpressed. He then expanded his claim it seems he could start fires with his mind... I advanced the opinion that the fire might be IN his mind, he was nonplussed by this theory... Long story short he had no powers he was a dork and has since moved on to being a drug dealer... this gave him the "power" to live rent and utility free for six to nine months... I haven't seem him lately (thank god)

  • XQsThaiPoes

    They dont have to move 607. they already admitted the secular date is 587. They basically keep two sets of books. 607 for 1914 and 587 for people that actually trust the encyclopedia britanica, encarta and national geographic. The publication they said 587 is the secular date I believe is nolonger available it was made in like 1992 I have one around here someplace. It was unuseually um tolerant. Maybe they made it as part of the ngo thing and scrapped it once they got in.

  • SAHS

    Whenever the UN takes any kind of action like sending peacekeeping troops somewhere or supporting NATO in some way, then my mother says, ?See, the United Nations is getting more power and authority, and you can just see how soon Jehovah will put it into their hearts and minds to turn on Babylon the Great.? (I?ve still never heard of the UN having any notion to actually destroy all the religions of the world. I?m sorry but whad I don?t seez is whad I don?t seez.)


  • DaCheech

    How about the one where AIDS was gods curse on the people reaping the fruits of their actions?

  • Leolaia

    I remember 1984 -- there were indeed big expectations for that year gossiped about and discussed within the congregation, even among elders. I remember hearing about this in 1982 and thought that Armageddon would come when I was just starting high school in October 1984 and I figured that I wouldn't even see my freshman year through. But as that date arrived, nobody was talking about it anymore. Then the 1986 thing came with the UN, but hardly anyone bit on that one.....

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Did anyone catch the irony of JWs at the hall in 1999 saying that y2k had no "scirptual significance" and that "unlike those dooms day cults (or christiandom) we dont believe in y2k". I thought it was the most Ironic event in any JWs career ever. Finally not only do you have secular hypothesis that doomsday could happen, but you also have "christiandoms" 2000 years since christ birth. And the JWs the penultimate odd man out decide anticipating the end of the world based on some date is BS for "wordly" people. It is like a blank check from a billionare friend on X-mas endorsed "Cash" and you say this must be a joke tear it up, and throw it in the trash.

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