UPDATE: Protest Rally for TUESDAY , October 19 at the Queen's Bench

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    So, do you still think..

    There is no way on earth that the Witnesses i know or knew,would allow a known Paedophile to go un-reported and to be free to be around Kids.It wouldnot happen.That means the Elders too.




  • LittleToe

    No condescension intended, old chap.
    The go figure was in connection with Panorama not being granted an interview. It was no reflection on yourself.

  • Sunnygal41

    Dearest Fleaman, I totally understand your reasoning, having been a member of the Dubs for 25 years myself, but, there was a situation years ago in my sis's cong. and she very guardedly mentioned it. Part of the problem may be that if you are not part of the grapevine in a cong.........I never was, despite being an elder's wife and supposedly having a direct pipeline. I was a sincere dub, kept my nose clean and thought good thoughts very hard.............

  • sf

    Uzzah and Larry,

    I hope tomorrow brings great successes towards exposing the insanity of this lethal policy the Watchtower continues to endorse that thusly continues to kill its members and that of the innocent children of these members, all in the name of twisted doctrine based on twisted scripture.

    Please, take these {{{ hugs }}} with you.

    Now, re:

    Im talking about the Guy(sorry,i forget his name)who had a Microphone shoved up his nose

    A few, I'm sure, would have been very pleased to see her shove that mic up some other hole that day. But I digress, reluctantly.

    Jehovahs Witness Discussion Forum - Topic: Jw's and ...
    ... COMPARE THAT WITH THIS: Ted Jaracz's "Interview" with Panorama: ... Ted JARACZ is one
    of the men responsible for the church's child protection policy. ...
    www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/38045/1.ashx - 41k - Cached - Similar pages

    You know, what consistenly amazes me is that this organizations loyal, dedicated members, supporters and apologists cannot even name the leaders and writers of whom these lethal policies originate and continue to enforce, that thusly make up this said "only true religion". Why is this? (rhetorical) Do they really even know anything about Jaracz history within this book corporation? Or that of their president? Can they name all the governing body members who GOVERN THEIR LIVES as a jehovah's witness?

    Oh yea, I was digressing, was'nt I?

    Again Uzzah, my hopes are that tomorrow this rally will add much needed momentum to the 'snowball'.

    Sincerely, sKally

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    skally ; good link. now lets hope the canidian court stopps kissing the wt ass. and gives them a kick in the teeth john

  • Scully

    Anyone planning to attend the protest rally on Monday, October 18, please note the following UPDATE from Lawrence Hughes: This is an updated announcement from Lawrence Hughes: The court hearing has been moved over one day to Tuesday morning, October 19. The Protest Rally will start at 11:00am. The Press Conference is scheduled for 12:00 noon. I figure the Protest will end at about 1:00pm. Being there at noon hour is the important time period. You better dress warm. The forcast is chilly weather. There should be enough placards for everyone. There may be a Protest Rally on Monday because I have no way of knowing who plans on showing up and I may not be able to notify everyone before monday. Lawrence

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk


    I was definitely on the grapevine,but yes i think if i knew of molesting experiences in the Cong i would of course feel differant.point taken.

    little toe.

    As above really and sorry for biting your Head off.It is such a ghastly,sad subject and unfortunately bound to provoke debate.I wont comment further about this subject that (thankfully)i dont that know much about,i dont want to upset anyone.


  • LittleToe

    Fleaman:No apology necessary.
    As you say, it's an awful subject.
    They should have dealt with it long before it was exposed.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I can't speak for others fleaman only myself: I can tell you that you did not offend or upset me. You have been polite and respectful and have simply shared your perspective. Your perspective is not surprising to me as you were not exposed to these types of experiences in your involvement with the JWs.

    My father had exactly the same response as you, only involving a different religion. He was raised Catholic. He was even educated in high school by Jesuits. He only had good experiences with his religion and in life it gave him a moral standard to follow. Throughout his adult life he was a good Catholic attending church and being involved in Catholic community charities. By the time he reached his 60s he had lived a good honest life and had no negative personal experiences with his religion. When scandals started to emerge in Canada and the U.S. at first he was in shock and disbelief because it was contrary to everything he saw and experienced. Every year that passed had new or additional potential scandals emerging. Finally the scandals reached a critical mass where he was finally ready to accept the truth of these scandals. It was a major realization for him and very sad indeed. It angered him as well. He is livid at the church for having any participation in the abuses which occurred and has not attended church (except for special events like marriage and funeral). He even questioned his belief in God but has resolved that issue since.

    I see your situation as similar to his to one extent. If you have only had very good experiences how could something so horrible like this happen. This is a problem anywhere with abuse or sexual abuse. One thing I have found often grounds me when my emotions kick in is statistics. In the case of sexual abuse we know from a statistical perspective that it can and will occur across "all socio-economic lines". Thus JWs fall into that category. To think they would be exempt from "all socio-economic lines" would be to fool ourselves (inspite of what some JWs would have us believe). Now let's say for argument's sake that your congregation was abuse free. Well the stats tell us that somewhere else at other congregations it was and is happening.

    By the preceeding comments in no way am I trying to convince you of anything nor am I suggesting that you aren't already aware of some of these points. Clearly this subject is unsettling for you from a disbelief point of view and hopefully my comments will give you a different perspective that is usefull to you. The fact that inspite of your disbelief you have made efforts to participate in this thread and engage others with a mind that is not cemented shut speaks for your character in my opinion.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    bttt; any news on what happened?

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