What WT said about Aspirin

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  • kls

    You guys just don't understand ( remember you are all demons now) this was before the new light kicked in. ,,,,,

  • BrendaCloutier
    Maybe it's just women

    I'll not even attempt to take offense at that low blow..... (Yes, I know you were kidding) Some women as nuturers tend to s"mother" everyone with the best of intentions....

    No. One of my herbology teachers was the one who really took the science of herbs mainstream almost 30 years ago. He, however, doesn't believe in allopathic (western scientific) medicine and wants all of his students to convince their patience to get off of any and all "western" drugs. I told him off! If it wasn't for "new" antibiotics 47 years ago, I'd have died.

    As much good as he's done, he's gotten a big head. AND he's NOT a JW.

    Just human nature to have found a "better way", tout it, and feel superior because you have "it" or know "it".



  • badboy

    Perhaps someone should tell the sisters that if someone dies as a result of their herbal mediciness,it would bring disrepute on Jehovah name.

  • justhuman

    what about condoms!!!

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