What WT said about Aspirin

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  • badboy

    Its seems they said it caused poisoning!

  • iiz2cool

    If there's anything that can poison the mind it's the Watchtower.

    I'll stick with the Aspirin.


  • Mary
    Its seems they said it caused poisoning!

    Huh? Was there an article in the WT or some publication on this?

  • Quotes


    [This is a summary, not a quote]

    [Aspirin causes heart disease and other maladies]

    [This is a summary, not a quote]

    [Aspirin causes heart disease and other maladies]

    [This is a summary, not a quote]

    [Aspirin causes heart disease and other maladies]

    BTW, if anyone has the scans of these, please PM me to arrange to send to me. I want to fill out this section.

  • minimus

    See----The Watchower never said it!

  • Lostreality


    Does that count for ibeuprofin too?

  • BrendaCloutier

    Facinating that Asprin "causes heart disease and other maladies" when studies have shown that just the opposite is true.

    My fa-in-law as a retired physician, took part in the asprin/heart study. It was supposted to be a 10-year study and the results were so amazing and important that they released the study after only 3 years because the public needed to know right away!

    Asprin can kill if a) you take too much and b) you take it often enough to cause stomach hemorage. Same problems with ibuprophen (Advil) and the other drugs in this class. or c) you're allergic to asprin.

    It originally came from the inner bark of the white willow tree. But now it is synthesized. Many of those who are asprin sensitive, both stomach and allergy, can usually take a white willow bark tea or capsules with fewer or no problems. This is because the molecular structure is enough different that the body can handle it better.

    Take your asprin. It can save your life!



  • CeriseRose

    Wow. Interestingly enough I was told to take "white willow bark" tincture for my ovarian cysts to relieve the pain...aspirin and ibuprofen (even in prescription strengths) didn't touch the pain. The tincture did.

  • Corvin

    . . . and I say biotch-slap all those creepy sisters running around the Kingdom Halls and calling others on the phone trying to push their damn herbal remedies down everybody's throats. Those people are just danger on top of danger.


  • CeriseRose

    Actually it was a naturopath who told me, but I do agree that there are many JWs who seem to have all the answers regarding health matters.

    Mind you, so my boss also thinks she does and she's not a JW. Maybe it's just women. ;) LOL

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